Military Update on Crucible

Citizens of Jericho,

I regret to inform you that following the Emperor’s summit, Crucible was welcomed into the fold of Western Nations that have turned their back on the Empire. Dignitaries they sent to the summit returned to their town with supplies and bolstered numbers, and taking advantage of Berphaunt’s decision to commit many of her forces in helping Suvant defend Day’ten, sacked the town of Mea Visa on Saturday the 18th of the month. They suffered heavy casualties in doing so.

Our martial forces in the area are diverting, and with the help of Antioch and Galen’s Honour, we move to retake the town. We do not anticipate this will be a protracted siege. In the interim, the citizens of Jericho will be expected and called upon to assist in the defense of the area, and their town in coming weeks.

This turn of events should bring into sharp focus our objectives here. With the Empire committed to pushing back the brood, it will fall to our command and our settlements to get our houses in order, and see to it that the threat the Western Nations pose to us here is eliminated before we are called upon to face the larger threat when it arrives. The time for wavering, or moral quandaries about the nature of conducting a war has come to a close. We will act with hardened resolve and ruthless efficacy, knowing we work for the greater good, to ensure the survival of every living soul on the continent.

Long live the Emperor
Long live the Empire

– Corporal Hawkins

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