Glorious news from the Emperor of Berphaunt!

Citizens of the Empire!

It is my honour and privilege to announce most glorious news. The office of the Emperor has just been informed that HIM is to be wed, in the early month of September. Empress to be, Annadonna Cordelle has been chosen by the Emperor, as his betrothed, mere days ago. We understand that the two, while only having recently met, are head over heels in true love. Some may scoff and gossip that Annadonna is not of royal blood. While this is true, she is a commoner like most of you, the Emperor holds true that love knows no station. We say instead that if a commoner, raised in the streets of the capital, can become a Queen, what can you do? Annadonna through love and devotion to her Emperor; is common no more.

While this came as a surprise to many, I have been assured that this union is blessed by the gods, dragons and all stations of rank. The Empire is grateful to its leader and has blessed us with love. In the coming years Empress Annadonna will stand by her husband side as he triumphantly vanquishes the enemies of Maud’Madir and, ultimately, provides the Empire a proper heir.

In recognition of this glorious day the Emperor has declared the months of September and October to be that of celebration and merriment. The Emperors own daughters will be travelling to various loyal towns and cities, bringing to the adventurers and peasantry, gifts of effervescence.

We welcome this day together, throughout the Empire, for it is a day of love and celebration.

For the Crown, for the ring.

Chamberlain Roger de Mowbray,
Office of HIM Louis Berphaunt,


Establishing a Thalan Camp in Jericho

Greetings Thalan of Jericho,

On Saturday, September 5th at dusk I would ask that we all gather near the town fire to discuss the formation of camp for the Thalan peoples to call home within Jericho.  Members of the farmer caste and merchants caste that are Thalan are welcome to join as well.  Though it is not likely, this venture is meant to strengthen the ties amongst our various peoples in these perilous times and the farmer and merchant castes are just as important as the rest of us whom reside within town center.  Your presence will be welcome as will your input.

I would ask for any hostilities between individuals or groups, God follower or Dragon follower, or any other factions be left behind should you choose to attend this gathering.  This meeting should not be an opportunity to lash out at rivals in order to further personal goals or to so dissension amongst each other.  Nor is it the time to attempt to convert others to your God, Goddess, or Dragon.  The meeting, as well as the camp that is being attempted to be formed, is meant to be neutral ground so that Thalans of all walks of life may come together to support each other as well as to preserve our various heritages in a time where a united people is needed.

I look forward to speaking with any of you whom are interested in this venture as well as spending time with you all.

Sieur Abatt’age Tel’Montain, Poing Fortifie De Suvant
House Tel’Montain of Suvant
Suvantian Ambassador to Jericho

Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Hero Complex

“Here is a list of terrible things,
The jaws of sharks, a vultures wings
The rabid bite of the dogs of war,
The voice of one who went before,
But most of all the mirror’s gaze,
Which counts us out our numbered days.”
― Clive Barker, Days of Magic, Nights of War

Word spreads around Jericho that Lady Forbin has countered Sir Carac Bardue’s addition of the Citadel to the playing board with a piece of her own – Antioch.

Ruling House Da’Shere of Antioch has informed Jericho that it will be responding to a request of aid in the form of elite troops to assist in the conflict with Crucible and the forces of Light that defend it. Alchemists, assassins and dark weavers will be joining the war chest of Berphaunt. With Sir Bardue’s forces as close to Antioch as they are to Jericho, it was only a matter of time before they joined the fray. There is no doubt that their arrival will significantly alter the balance of power, but dark elves are notorious for only taking orders from their own kind. This sword, as they say, has a double edge.

Perhaps even more dramatic, the Church of Raze in Antioch has informed Jericho that The Conduit herself – the mortal Avatar of the dark Goddess of Vengeance – will be arriving along with the troops. Lady Forbin is a cleric of Raze so this is not unexpected, but the wise will whisper that the arrival of this queen portends a larger move on the chessboard than knocking over some pawns and a retired bishop – and what does it mean that Antioch’s forces to Jericho being led by a druid?

Currents shifting underneath this upper layer: a turf war between House Malvein of Berphaunt and House Shalonost of Suvant, the Blood Red Rose grow impatient, the Conclave continue their repairs to the leyline, Anastasia the Oracle struggles against her bonds, elemental forces collide with those who seek spiritual enlightenment, the Brood sewing chaos into a delicate situation and last but not least – a festival with pie contest!

(All this – and more secrets I can’t mention – are already on our plot schedule and we haven’t had our shaper meeting yet! Expect a busy event and new shapers!)


Welcome to the 5th Jericho weekend event of our 2015 summer season! This event is our second of two back to back 4-day events, running Friday through Monday. Please note the slight increase in price due to the extra day. This is a 2 blanket event.

As mentioned on the previously 4-day – please pace yourself! The shapers will have a lot for you to do every day but they will intentionally spread out high energy plotlines during the hottest times of the day. You will notice a pacing change until sundown. Be sure that you stay cool, drink lots of water and be sure to eat to keep your energy going. Doing so will ensure that you have a great event from start to finish. Remember that we have a swimming hole to cool off and get clean. If you’re a new player ask at logistics for its location.

We have 4 days of LARPing packed with personal plotlines and town adventures. We expect lots for your characters to see and do, and an extra day to do it all. See you in Jericho!

Date: Friday Sept 4th to Monday Sept 7th
On Site Logistics Opens: Friday 6:00PM
Event Start: Friday 10:00PM
Event End: Monday 2PM

$55 with Prelog & Prepay
$60 with Prelog & Pay at site
$65 with No Prelog & Pay at site

Experience earned: 2 CP Blankets of Experience

Location: Majik Morn Farm, 761 Fleetwood Rd, Janetville Ontario

Map can be found here

Rumours for August 2257

A man staying at the Inn in Fort White woke up recently from a nightmare with his eyeballs turned inwards. There was no determinable cause and he was healed shortly thereafter.

Rumours abound in the empire of Darr the minotaur, a were­lizard who saved the Emperor’s daughter from an army of trolls. He fell to his true death in battle singlehandedly holding back a brood queen and orc chieftain during the peace talk summit. He is to be given a posthumous award for his heroics issued by the Emperor himself.

Holy blazing hell! Jericho has not experienced a heat wave like this in years. Be prepared folks, water is your best friend and praise Detrimen for the darkness is safe. Try to save the majority of your athletics for the evening when it’s less hot out.

Reports say that the local Brood do not seem to be connected to the greater forces which overtook Melinda and have begun sieging Daten. Local species appear to be maintaining their regular activities and do not seem to exhibit the unique physiological traits the invaders have shown.

All border skirmishes have stopped between Aslak and Felnir. The two nations appear to be keeping to the non­aggression pact they have made.

A local barn cat gave birth to a litter of snakes. The litter was succinctly crushed and burned. The mother cat was slaughtered by a local Paladin of Kale. Every member of the family who lived on the land accepted blessings of Kale.

There appears to be tension in Suvant over the potential union with the Berphauntian Empire. Many speculate that the Shalonosts will not do well taking orders from foreigners.

Talk amongst the local Berphauntian soldiers seems to indicate that the generals are cooking up something big to deal with the threat from Crucible. As of yet though, these mutterings appear to be merely speculation.

And finally! Cran Zanz, the sweet and tart and tasty treats are making their way to Jericho. The Berphantian Exchange of Services and Trade has imported their first shipment and they will be arriving in Jericho this saturday evening.