Rumours for August 2257

A man staying at the Inn in Fort White woke up recently from a nightmare with his eyeballs turned inwards. There was no determinable cause and he was healed shortly thereafter.

Rumours abound in the empire of Darr the minotaur, a were­lizard who saved the Emperor’s daughter from an army of trolls. He fell to his true death in battle singlehandedly holding back a brood queen and orc chieftain during the peace talk summit. He is to be given a posthumous award for his heroics issued by the Emperor himself.

Holy blazing hell! Jericho has not experienced a heat wave like this in years. Be prepared folks, water is your best friend and praise Detrimen for the darkness is safe. Try to save the majority of your athletics for the evening when it’s less hot out.

Reports say that the local Brood do not seem to be connected to the greater forces which overtook Melinda and have begun sieging Daten. Local species appear to be maintaining their regular activities and do not seem to exhibit the unique physiological traits the invaders have shown.

All border skirmishes have stopped between Aslak and Felnir. The two nations appear to be keeping to the non­aggression pact they have made.

A local barn cat gave birth to a litter of snakes. The litter was succinctly crushed and burned. The mother cat was slaughtered by a local Paladin of Kale. Every member of the family who lived on the land accepted blessings of Kale.

There appears to be tension in Suvant over the potential union with the Berphauntian Empire. Many speculate that the Shalonosts will not do well taking orders from foreigners.

Talk amongst the local Berphauntian soldiers seems to indicate that the generals are cooking up something big to deal with the threat from Crucible. As of yet though, these mutterings appear to be merely speculation.

And finally! Cran Zanz, the sweet and tart and tasty treats are making their way to Jericho. The Berphantian Exchange of Services and Trade has imported their first shipment and they will be arriving in Jericho this saturday evening.


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