Establishing a Thalan Camp in Jericho

Greetings Thalan of Jericho,

On Saturday, September 5th at dusk I would ask that we all gather near the town fire to discuss the formation of camp for the Thalan peoples to call home within Jericho.  Members of the farmer caste and merchants caste that are Thalan are welcome to join as well.  Though it is not likely, this venture is meant to strengthen the ties amongst our various peoples in these perilous times and the farmer and merchant castes are just as important as the rest of us whom reside within town center.  Your presence will be welcome as will your input.

I would ask for any hostilities between individuals or groups, God follower or Dragon follower, or any other factions be left behind should you choose to attend this gathering.  This meeting should not be an opportunity to lash out at rivals in order to further personal goals or to so dissension amongst each other.  Nor is it the time to attempt to convert others to your God, Goddess, or Dragon.  The meeting, as well as the camp that is being attempted to be formed, is meant to be neutral ground so that Thalans of all walks of life may come together to support each other as well as to preserve our various heritages in a time where a united people is needed.

I look forward to speaking with any of you whom are interested in this venture as well as spending time with you all.

Sieur Abatt’age Tel’Montain, Poing Fortifie De Suvant
House Tel’Montain of Suvant
Suvantian Ambassador to Jericho


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