Glorious news from the Emperor of Berphaunt!

Citizens of the Empire!

It is my honour and privilege to announce most glorious news. The office of the Emperor has just been informed that HIM is to be wed, in the early month of September. Empress to be, Annadonna Cordelle has been chosen by the Emperor, as his betrothed, mere days ago. We understand that the two, while only having recently met, are head over heels in true love. Some may scoff and gossip that Annadonna is not of royal blood. While this is true, she is a commoner like most of you, the Emperor holds true that love knows no station. We say instead that if a commoner, raised in the streets of the capital, can become a Queen, what can you do? Annadonna through love and devotion to her Emperor; is common no more.

While this came as a surprise to many, I have been assured that this union is blessed by the gods, dragons and all stations of rank. The Empire is grateful to its leader and has blessed us with love. In the coming years Empress Annadonna will stand by her husband side as he triumphantly vanquishes the enemies of Maud’Madir and, ultimately, provides the Empire a proper heir.

In recognition of this glorious day the Emperor has declared the months of September and October to be that of celebration and merriment. The Emperors own daughters will be travelling to various loyal towns and cities, bringing to the adventurers and peasantry, gifts of effervescence.

We welcome this day together, throughout the Empire, for it is a day of love and celebration.

For the Crown, for the ring.

Chamberlain Roger de Mowbray,
Office of HIM Louis Berphaunt,


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