Annual Alchemist Contest!

Attention all Alchemists, Chemists, Apothecaries, and Tinkerers!

As a part of the local Harvest Festival next month, a competition of alchemical aptitudes and visual entertainment will be held. You need not be an alchemist to apply should your trade or experience bring with it anything of alchemical interest.

In the past we have had entries from brewers, farmers with potent grown fertilizer, chemists, and various other trades demonstrate their unique experiments.

Entries will be judged on visual interest, uniqueness, and application of alchemical principles.

Prizes and time of competition to be determined as the event nears.

I have invited members of the local Gremmel tribe to assist me in the judging as in the past this contest has been hosted by them.

Please contact me to enter and so that appropriate safety precautions can be taken for any particularly volitile experiments.

– Dorian Deepcrows

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