Rumours for September 2257

There appear to be large greenish and yellow fungal growths popping up in the vicinity. The growths appear to be affecting local wildlife behavior, making them more aggressive.

You may have noticed things rearranged in ways you don’t remember putting them. Chairs turned upside down, tables moved to block doors to tents, objects splayed out across the field.

Rumour has it that The Conduit, the avatar and voice of Raze is coming to Jericho personally to observe the magical schisms first hand.

The few local dark elves are excited to be receiving the delegates from Antioch. A tolken of respect in their culture is to offer an empty potion bottle.

The wereĀ­cat still appears to be on the prowl. There have been several sightings and mysterious deaths noted in the region.
A small creek near Fort White began to boil spontaneously, killing 3 children who were playing in it.

A ghost has been witnessed on several regular occasions. She says that she is seeking the son of a cooper. She seems convinced he is in Jericho.

Farmer Shrow’s cat, Dinger, got into his box of Cran Zanz. The results are relatively unknown because nobody has wanted to look.
Rats are pouring out of cellars, tunnels, caves, etc en masse as if displaced from their homes.

A small caravan of Aja has come through town. They offer fortune telling and communion with the ancestors, for a price. They have made camp on the western edge of Jericho.


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