Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Egress

“Beware of Doors.”
― Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere
The Conclave fix to the magical leylines in Jericho was always meant to be a temporary patch job, so when rifts to other worlds began to tear themselves open, few of the magi were surprised. “It’s not so much the rifts”, the Archmagus said, “as what comes out of them”. One thing that mages are good for is magical theory however, and from theory come plans. These plans, it seems, are now in your hands to carry out.

Except it’s never quite that simple in Jericho. Sure, you could use these so called “Keystone Crystal” (mage term, sorry) to slam shut the portals, then give the crystals to the Conclave to empower their bizarre “Mana Needles” (another) to soak up the excess magic that has been flooding the leyline for a year. You might even find a use for that extra “Raw Mana” (again, sorry) in the form of a “Mana Bomb” (ugh) when you’re done with it… such as sticking it underneath something you don’t like and igniting it. Who doesn’t like fireworks? Honestly, the Conclave’s plan sounds practical. But then so did their plan to create the Gargylen and we don’t talk about that anymore. The location where the Beacon once stood would make an excellent incision point, they say. Wait, what?

On the other hand, Jericho’s Forest Spirit, now strengthened by the Orb of power, suggests she has a better way to restore the flow of magic. A more natural, holistic method. Perhaps you should give those Keystone Crystals to her instead. You trusted her with the Orb, why not trust her with the leyline? She might not know _exactly_ what a leyline is, and she might be little more than a child who possesses one of the most powerful artifacts in existence, so helping her access a river of raw magic that snakes across the entire globe couldn’t possibly be a recipe for disaster.

“We have no time to debate this”, the magi claim. A broken leyline on All Hallows would be very bad news for everyone. Incidentally, has anyone told the Forest Spirit about All Hallows?


Welcome to our 6th event of the summer 2016 season!

Back to regular weekends now, this event will run from Friday 10pm until Sunday 2pm. Many consider this our final normal event of the year. Coming up after this is our “wrap up event” in which the shapers end their plotlines, and then our (in) famous Halloween event. Finally, our Highwinter day event occurs in early December.

Please note! We will be using a special game-mechanic this event and it’s helpful for the players to know about it beforehand: At this event rifts / portals will be opening up in and around Jericho. These are doorways to different worlds and some of them will have monsters coming out. When a portal opens, there will be an adventure (“mod”) waiting on the other side via the Shaper team. These doorways are colour-coded! We will be using this legend:

YELLOW – For characters level 1-3 (Shapers: Shoshana and Heather)
GREEN – For characters level 4-7 (Shapers: Sam and Ted)
BLUE – For characters level 8-12 (Shapers: Weasel and Damien)
RED – For character levels 13+ (Shapers: Kyle and Constantine)
PURPLE – For all characters / meant for large groups. (These are “town mods”).

You are welcome to enter a portal that is within your character level range or higher. You will be prevented from entering a portal that is lower than your level range, with the exception of purple portals. Inside these portals you might find glowing crystals! There will be two drop-boxes on opposite sides of town center where you may deposit them when / if you desire (they are not spirit-linked). You can learn more about this in-game.

Weather will be cooler, especially after dark. BRING WARM CLOTHING AND BEDDING. Extra socks and dry clothing in case it rains.

We expect our full shaper team to be present but we will be missing one, possibly two monster marshals. Replacing them will be Matt and Nick from logistics. Please keep this in mind for your NPC shift, as they are the ones who will sign you in.

See you all in Jericho!

Date: September 25th to 27th, 2015
On Site Logistics Opens: Friday 6:00PM
Event Start: Friday 10:00PM
Event End: Sunday 2PM

$45 with Prelog & Prepay
$50 with Prelog & Pay at site
$55 with No Prelog & Pay at site

Experience earned: 1 CP Blanket

Location: Majik Morn Farm, 761 Fleetwood Rd, Janetville Ontario

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6

Originally posted here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=14753


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