Halloween + Tavern, 2015 edition

You find the following up on the notice board tonight, written in florid cursive:

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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Home is Where the Heart is

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Your home has been obliterated.

Jericho is little more than a memory and community now. It travels along the bitter autumn roads with you, frost and mud crunching under your boots as you march toward your goal : the destroyed town of Crucible. You’ve been on the move for weeks now, exposure and exhaustion nipping at the edges of your mind for days. Hopes have risen slightly today as you are expected to reach your destination – finally – any time now.

The day begins like it has for weeks. Cold bones and aching muscles rise from the semi-frozen ground, leather straps over shoulders and the walking continues on. As the day unfolds you find your mind wandering more than usual. Fewer voices in the caravan today, nobody seems to be in the mood to chat. All appear to be lost in their own little worlds. Your daydreaming of Jericho continues throughout the morning: the paths that snaked through the town, the tavern, the open fields – all of it gone now. The endless steps you are taking beat the drum to the memories unfolding. The refugees that walk with you are all dead silent now and have been for hours.

Suddenly you are snapped back to reality as a cry goes out from the front of the line. The road ends, you’ve arrived at your destination – Jericho! At last! Your heart jumps. Finally… home. You cannot remember much of what occurred over the past month but you hardly care, you can return to your bed and get some rest. You see the familiar fields and paths before you now. Everyone is smiling. Jericho is beautiful in the autumn.

But wasn’t there something you were supposed to be doing? Where were you coming from in your travels? You find yourself unable to recall even a moment of the previous weeks. Every time you struggle to remember it your mind wanders back to the present against your will. Eventually you give up trying. It’s another Hallow’s Eve in Jericho and it’s time to make preparations to hide from all manner of foul creatures that will rise, when the barriers between worlds are their weakest. That night – your own pillow at last. You sleep for 12 hours.

The next day, a rumour spreads around town. Some citizens have seen a ghost – a spirit that claims to be Ethaniel White, the former Mayor of Crucible. It claims it was a veteran of the Tiefanue war against Styphon and a ruler of the council that governed the town. To any who will listen, the ghostly Mayor White declares that Jericho is but an illusion! He grows quickly frustrated at the rebuffs and wanders town in search of those who would atone for the sins of the past, and lay to rest the unquiet dead that wander in the night.

Not long after, more sightings of spirits. More citizens of Crucible. Why are they here in Jericho? Violent, distraught and wreaking their crazed vengeance upon any within reach, seeking for those who would right this wrong. They speak gibberish – hidden threats, unreality, they seek those who would make everything real again. The madness of the undead, surely. Few citizens seem concerned about these ghosts. Most show pity. It is All Hallows, after all. The veil between the living and dead worlds is thin. Spirits driven mad with their own death are expected. Jericho an illusion? It is as real as the solid ground beneath your feet. You have no time for these tales, soon the ghouls will come, and they are the true threat.

Yet throughout the day you can’t help but shake this lingering sensation that something is out of place. That night you dream of a mind buried deep under the earth, far below Jericho, manipulating the living like a puppet-master pulling strings. Invisible tentacles reaching from the below and into your subconscious. Days go by with you acting out the play at the behest of your unknown controller, slipping in a small command within your daily routine, slowly unlocking the barriers one by one to that Elder Darkness sealed far below your home. One by one the tumblers click into place. One by one the ancient locks slowly open.

Throughout the night the ghostly dead continue to rage in their obsessive madness about unreality. Illusions! Tricks of the mind! Manipulation! A alien thought creeps into your mind – “Ignore them”, it whispers seductively “it is All Hallows, after all”.

We come now to the conclusion of the 2015 Underworld Jericho season for weekend events. Weekend event #8 out of 8 is our All Hallows event, the inspiration for our “Run – Fight – Hide” motto. You will do all three, have no doubt.

An important plot note to know for this event: Your character has no memory of the last 4 weeks, and trying to remember back to that period of time comes up blank, then compels you to ignore the fact that you can’t remember. Your character goes on in the present like nothing is wrong. This affects every character to start. Certain pre-logged players will be contacted privately and will be given special instructions. Some NPCs and game mechanics will be able to reverse this effect and bring clarity to your character. You’ll discover more about these in game.

More info:

Halloween events can be quiet cold after dark. It is highly recommended that you dress for winter weather under your costume. Come prepared! This is winter camping.

PCs will receive Halloween Grab Bags at logistics, which contain candy, chocolate and in-game treasure of some type – perhaps even magic items!

There will be a pumpkin carving contest, as is tradition for Underworld Jericho. More details on that will arrive soon in a separate post.

Finally, if it’s not clear below, this event will be held on our regular site, the Majik Morn farm. We originally planned to hold it on our new site but could not finalize preparations in time, so we are holding the event as usual on our regular site.

Date: October 30th to November 1st, 2015
On Site Logistics Opens: Friday 6:00PM
Event Start: Friday 10:00PM
Event End: Sunday 2PM

$45 with Prelog & Prepay
$50 with Prelog & Pay at site
$55 with No Prelog & Pay at site

Experience earned: 2 CP Blankets

Note: There are no NPC shifts on Jericho Halloween events however NPCs will earn double blankets of experience, along with PCs.

Location: Majik Morn Farm, 761 Fleetwood Rd, Janetville Ontario

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6

Forum announcement: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=15182

Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/events/1628653624071300/

Summary Post-Curtain Call Event

With the Berphauntian Garrison and Antioch reinforcements battered, and the Citadel front lines on their doorstep with a promise of angels and clerics to come, Berphaunt performed a general evacuation of the town’s adventuring folk. Lord Huello and Dutchess Forbin took the field themselves in the town’s defense.

To cover their retreat, Jericho, with help from the Conclave, performed a ritual that leveled the woods in a deep sinkhole, that then ruptured upwards and outwards, centered at two points – below the main Citadel camp, and in Jericho. The crater expands for several days march in each direction.

While the sinkhole expanded, citizens ran through a gate to a holding camp, 2 weeks sojourn north-west of Jericho, and they spend the next 3 weeks marching to the new homeland Berphaunt has charted for them – the husk of the town of Crucible.

Rumours abound that the Grey Elves have revoked their welcome for mortal races to live in their woods, some say even before the Conclave leveled the earth.

Originally posted here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=15115

Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Curtain Call

“I have learned that if you must leave a place that you have lived in and loved and where all your yesteryears are buried deep, leave it any way except a slow way, leave it the fastest way you can. Never turn back and never believe that an hour you remember is a better hour because it is dead. Passed years seem safe ones, vanquished ones, while the future lives in a cloud, formidable from a distance.”
― Beryl Markham, West with the Night

Are prophesies of end times cliché when those times are your own? Here’s yours:

“For too long the seeds of darkness have been permitted to grow and flourish.

A light sparks and flares to life northeast of Jericho. A conflagration which burns clean with righteous flame all that it touches. It purges Crucible in white-hot light, causing the darkness that dwells there to flee to underground shelter. Soon it will pass over Jericho too, and there will be no more. Time is borrowed now, not just for Jericho but also for the grey who gave up her immortality to walk in the sun.

Still, there are those who see opportunity when others see only despair. Ambitious minds and sharp steel make their final preparations, for the chaos of these hard times provides the perfect backdrop for sleight of hand and twist of blade into a back.

Powers converge as the situation quickly escalates. The dark elven Kingdom of Antioch throws all its weight against the coming storm. The Blood Red Rose gains unexpected help to evacuate the peasantry. The crisis catches the attention of both the Grey Elves and the Army of the Black Wyrm. And perhaps most telling of the desperation at hand, the Conclave table a proposal for a final line in the sand that involves reactivating the Curtain… assuming the newly repaired leyline will hold.”

All of this and more will come to pass. Witness the undoing of Jericho. Everything is about to change.

Alea iacta est

It is with bittersweet feelings that we announce this will be final Underworld Jericho event on the Majik Morn site. It has been our home for many years and we owe so much to it. For both staff and players, virtually every path, camp and landmark holds memories of our little fantasy world. As happy as we are that our dream of owning a site has come true, we have nothing but love and respect for the land we’ve played on for all these years. We’ll miss it terribly.

Welcome to our 7th weekend event of the 2015 season at Underworld Jericho. This event on the schedule is commonly referred to as the “Wrap Up” event because it’s at this event that we allow the shapers to conclude or pause their storylines so that they are all free to help with the All Hallows event that comes after. Our second major plot theme, which is also the main overarching storyline, will involve the in-game explanation for moving sites from Majik Morn to our new site 30 minutes away. Despite the dramatic theme, there will be lots for new players to do.

Since we’re now in October expect chilly nights. Bring warmer clothing and bedding just in case the temperature dips and as always, lots of extra socks. If you need to sacrifice some costume in exchange for warmer clothing such as hats and gloves, that’s okay.

Come join us in Jericho for what will be in many ways, the final time. History will be made.

Date: October 9th to 11th, 2015
On Site Logistics Opens: Friday 6:00PM
Event Start: Friday 10:00PM
Event End: Sunday 2PM

$45 with Prelog & Prepay
$50 with Prelog & Pay at site
$55 with No Prelog & Pay at site

Experience earned: 1 CP Blanket

Location: Majik Morn Farm, 761 Fleetwood Rd, Janetville Ontario

Map can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6

Official form announcement: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=14881

Facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/1095530373813845/