A Letter to Jericho

((This letter appears on the message board. No one can recall anyone posting the letter or when exactly it appeared.))

To whoever this letter reaches,
My name is Severin Forte. I was born and raised in Tiefanue as a simple man with fair ideals. Recently, I left Tiefanue, my parents, and betrothed (this last word is scratched out) childhood friend; I left with a man by the name of Sir Granville Hayson of the Blood Red Rose, to become a knight. It has been more than half-a-year since then. I found myself embroiled in the world of politics between my training as a page under Sir Granville Hayson and subsequently Sir Ostrozne. I have done my utmost to learn and follow the teachings of the Rose and I feel that I have made progress; even if I have not, I feel that I have polished my ideals. I want to believe that what I do is good. Admittedly, I am sloppy in my execution and other areas… but I am confident in doing what I believe to be right.
Within the last month, I have witnessed a tragedy – Crucible, the neighboring city of Jericho, was offered as a sacrifice by a man by the name of Sirio, of Raze. I was unable to stop this from happening; through my own fault or not – this happened. In line with the edicts of the Blood Red Rose, I have traveled to the area surrounding Crucible in an effort to aid the citizenry who may have become refugees; also, to investigate the power which claimed Crucible.
Instead of being met with slaves of the mind, I have been picked up by the Citadel. I have been given two choices, aid them in planning their tactics against Jericho, or be purged. While Jericho houses the treacherous Sirio, it also houses people I have come to care for. With this in mind, I believe it is unthinkable for me to betray Jericho as a whole – maybe if it was just Sirio. But, I fear there will be no such option. As such, I believe I shall face being purged. I can only fathom that they mean to put me to the blade.
So, here, I find myself in my current holding cell waiting for dawn when my fate will be decided.

Thus comes the point of this writing. May it stand as a record and letter to inform those of the recent events surrounding myself – Severin Forte.

I shall meditate on these topics once more and hope that I am able to find peace and resolve to hold firm to my ideals.
To the loved ones I have left in Tiefanue, I love you.

To my friends in Jericho, I pray that you will be alright in the coming weeks.
~ Severin Forte

Page of the Blood Red Rose

Originally posted here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=14973


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