Rumours for October 2257

The Citadel appears to be rallying its forces for an attack on the western edge of Berphaunt.

There have been several expeditionary forces witnessed within Berphauntian borders and several skirmishes. The center of this conflict is the town of Crucible. The scattered reports say that a powerful psionic creature took over the town and dominated a large portion of the population. Many say that several archangels of Kale have descended and take part in the fighting personally.

There are worries amongst the local populace that the Blood Red Rose has sided with the Citadel. The Blood Red Rose denies all claims of this and has reinforced its desire to help citizens evacuate. It is an organization dedicated to helping the common peoples of the world.

Bloody symbols have begun appearing upon trees in the region. The symbols don’t appear to have any apparent meaning but their commonness is enough to go noticed.

The Tribe of Wild Elves that Berphaunt sent to Jericho to enforce litter laws and trash collection has been welcomed within the region. Many have seen the direct benefits and are happy to report a massive improvement in the state of cleanliness in the area.

The recent passing of the blood moon is known to many as an omen of great change.

A clearing somewhat outside of Jericho has bloomed with tiny silver budds. Any who approach are turned away by a Hobling Druid who warns them that the clearing is very dangerous at the moment.

Where are the dogs? Most farms have lost or simply cannot find their dogs, anywhere. Famers are very concerned that chicken’s lives may be at stake here.

A Grey Elven woman has been seen visiting the farms with children during the day. She takes them small toys and whispers of the future.

The Jacob farm seems to have double yield of crops compared to neighboring farms and it’s causing discord amongst the farmers. Evil magics afoot from the ley lines?

Forgot about CranZanz did ya! Well now hear this! There is talk that this amazing candy has the ability to ward off the undead. All you have to do is consume two pounds of them every day for three months straight. The delicious treat will create a magical barrier around your body which cannot be penetrated by the unliving.

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