The Evacuation of the Citizens of Jericho of the Empire of Berphaunt

On the 7th day of the 10th month in the year 2257,

Emperor Louis Berphaunt, First Emperor of The Berphaunt Dynasty decrees the following edict for the citizens and residents of Jericho:
All citizens and residents are to make ready their homes, livelihoods, keepsakes, and families for departure south east of the martially capable encampments. This should occur no later than the 11th day of the current month.

All citizens and residents who have martial or medical capabilities are hereby required to make themselves available to assist those without martial or medical prowess. Contributions on and off the battlefield, as well as escorting the trades folk are required.

As a result of the care and compassion that The Emperor holds for all his citizens, the territory of Jericho will be held until such a time as all citizens and residents have arrived at the extraction point and been removed to the safe zone. Additional forces have been dispatched to ensure your safety. Once all the non-combatants have been removed to a safe location, The Conclave will deploy a counter attack. Jericho will not be handed to invaders under any banner or from any lands.

Anyone found to be assisting the forces of The Citadel, their agents or their allies will be charged with Treason and subjected to the most unpleasant punishments possible. Any who refuse to add their efforts to the cause will likewise be charged with Sedition and be subject to a term of indentured servitude at a location of Our Glorious Emperor’s choosing within the vast expanse of The Empire.

The appointed nobles of the territory will have more information which will be provided in private.

This is Edict.

Long Live The Emperor
Long Last The Empire

Her Grace
Duchess Alexandra Forbin of the Empire of Berphaunt
Chosen of Raze

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