Summary Post-Curtain Call Event

With the Berphauntian Garrison and Antioch reinforcements battered, and the Citadel front lines on their doorstep with a promise of angels and clerics to come, Berphaunt performed a general evacuation of the town’s adventuring folk. Lord Huello and Dutchess Forbin took the field themselves in the town’s defense.

To cover their retreat, Jericho, with help from the Conclave, performed a ritual that leveled the woods in a deep sinkhole, that then ruptured upwards and outwards, centered at two points – below the main Citadel camp, and in Jericho. The crater expands for several days march in each direction.

While the sinkhole expanded, citizens ran through a gate to a holding camp, 2 weeks sojourn north-west of Jericho, and they spend the next 3 weeks marching to the new homeland Berphaunt has charted for them – the husk of the town of Crucible.

Rumours abound that the Grey Elves have revoked their welcome for mortal races to live in their woods, some say even before the Conclave leveled the earth.

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