Prelog is OPEN for High Winter 2015!

Prelog is OPEN for the December 5th event, Home Sick! Prelog will remain open until December 1st 2015!

Time: Approx. 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM, depending on weather conditions. Logistics will open an hour prior to game start.

  • $30 if you prelog and pay online prior to the event
  • $35 if you prelog and pay at the event
  • $40 if you don’t prelog and pay at the event

    More details can be found here:

  • Underworld LARP

    A letter appears on the newly created Notice Board in your new home:

    “People of Jericho,

    I am The Frost Daughter. Although you have no reason to trust me, High Winter Town needs your help! My dad and Father Nikolai are planning an attack on The Great Library. I have not been able to determine the details of their plans, but it does not bode well for your town! I have gathered the Snobolds and will be sending them to you in order to bring you to us. I will seek to gather more allies, but I beg you all to find the spirit of High Winter within yourselves and face my dad and Father Nikolai once more!

    Look for them around your town’s main place of gathering on the morning of the 5th day in the last month of the year.

    – The Frost Daughter”

    All Hallows and the preceding month were harsh, and Jericho’s citizens hold onto hope for a mild winter. Memories of all the events that unfolded in their former home linger in the minds and on the lips of those around the fire at night.

    The Forest of the Grey has stopped burning. The fires of Crucible have finally all gone out. The people of Jericho set about to find camps, make shelters, and help the farmers build homes for the winter. Berphaunt keeps a vigilant watch over their new holdings, with the help of some of their trusted houses, factions and allies within the Empire.

    High Winter is around the corner, but joy and mirth are not in the air. It seems that everyone is feeling a little….. Homesick. Cheer up Jericho – the Snobolds are on their way!

    Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Homesick, a High Winter Day Mod.

    We have had an amazing year with record numbers. The final event of 2015 promises to be just as amazing as all our previous events, with a lot of light-hearted jabs at some of the more serious themes and personas of the year. High Winter events are traditionally light-hearted and silly adventures that are designed to be the opposite of the doom and gloom of All Hallows. You can expect less terror, more comedy.

    The High Winter team have designed a day mod that should keep everyone busy for the day, no matter what the weather turns out to be. We’ll have hot food, hot drinks, and a healthy mix of Combat and RP to satisfy all players. This is a “tagless” event (no tags distributed for character abilities) and we want to remind players to dress for the weather. Costuming comes second to proper attire for the weather.

    As is tradition, players who remain until the end will be allowed to sit on Father Nikolai’s lap and make their High Winter Wish. (Provided of course, that you actually defeat him and undo his dastardly schemes).

    Special note: If you find a way to incorporate an “ugly Christmas sweater” into your costume, you may find yourself with a special Holiday power-up. ;)

    Please join us on December 5th for the final event of the 2015 Jericho season. See you in game!

    Time: Approx. 11am-5:30pm, depending on weather conditions. Logistics will open an hour prior to game start.
    Location: Majik Morn Farm (our regular 2015 site)
    Blankets: 1
    Cost: $35 ($30 with prelog)
    Note: This is a TAGLESS event and there is no cost-of-living.

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