Life in Jericho as it currently stands

It’s been two weeks since All Hallows and life in new “Jericho” has begun to settle in. The following points are common knowledge your character may (if you chose) know.

  • Berphaunt has renamed Crucible to “Jericho” in memory of those who died during the siege and the retreat of old Jericho.

  • The lands around Crucible are larger and more varied than that of Jericho. Jericho’s flat, open fields and swamps are now hills, rocky outcroppings and thick forests. The resources here are far more abundant, including deep mines which are already under guard by Berphauntian soldiers.

  • There are ruins all over town, mostly destroyed buildings from the recent fighting. Finding a location to build a new camp is quite easy. A town center has been established and plans to surround it with palisade walls has been overheard. A new town center fire appeared on the first night and it is now the central meeting place. A notice board appeared nearby on the second day.

  • All of the farmers and peasants that travelled from Jericho made it safely. The elvish farmers who left Jericho prior to All Hallows have now returned. They have begun to divvy up the lands with assistance from Berphauntian surveyors. Some unhappily claim that the quality of farmland has degraded but overall the peasants appear to have accepted their new home. Most adventurers have been pitching in to build their farms. Some large buildings are being repaired, others are being built from scratch. There is more than enough wood and stone in the local area.

  • With the winter about to set in there’s a feeling of anxiety regarding shelter. Everyone has been spending most of their time building, when not sleeping. Berphauntian soldiers have kept the monsters and bandits away.

  • Lady Forbin died on the Sunday of All Hallows. Her body has not been recovered and she has presumed to have died a final death. She is being hailed as a hero in Berphaunt for sacrificing herself to hold back the overwhelming Citadel forces and giving Jericho citizens time to escape.

  • Lord Huello is the de facto ruler of Jericho. Berphaunt has confirmed this and plans to re-establish the previous council of 3, with Huello as the head of the council. The 2 new council members are being selected in Berphaunt now. For reasons which are not clear, Berphaunt’s opinion of Lord Huello has cooled and their decision to place him at the head of Jericho’s council seems to come with some reluctance. This is apparent by the tone used when speaking to Berphaunt authority figures visiting Jericho.

  • Berphaunt has stated that the old laws of Jericho will continue. The Magistrate is to continue his duties. Until a full council is reformed, any crimes which are to be punished by death are to be presented to a Berphauntian authority prior to that punishment from being carried out.

  • Cost of living is currently being paid by Berphaunt. The plan is to use the profits from the local mine to continue paying it in the future.

  • Rumours of Jericho’s destruction on All Hallows has spread far and wide and is known in all inns and taverns.

  • The leader of the RECS was killed and the fate of the organization is unknown at this time. Rumour has it that no one gave him the evacuation notices at his remote excavation site.

  • The Conclave have stated that they will arrive soon to evaluate Jericho’s Mage’s Guild and review the operation as a whole. The Guildmaster will also be under review. They have stated that they desire stronger ties with Jericho’s guild, mostly due to all the work and success it has had in assisting Berphaunt over the course of the previous year. It appears the Towers have been impressed and believe there is potential for more growth.

  • BEST has not made the trip to these new lands.

  • House Malvein travelled with the caravan. They have been hired to scout the mines for Berpahunt, prior to sending in workers. A small Malvein pavilion has appeared in town center. Their main camp appears to be outside of town, closer to the mines.

  • Dwarves from Gerdain have arrived in Jericho to inspect the mines. Their leader is named Meinrad Oreblood Imperium, Intendant of the Civil List.

  • Representatives from Antioch arrived briefly, staying less than a day. They spoke to Berphauntian soldiers and departed before nightfall.

  • The Skein Dominion gateway has not been rebuilt. The Conclave have created a temporary portal for official business only. They state that a Skein gate is not likely until the spring. Until that time, permission must be obtained by Berphaunt to use the Conclave’s gates, which require a ritual to be preformed for each use.

  • The days are filled with construction. Citizens are encouraged to rebuild. Morale was low upon arrival but as walls go up and the forests are scouted, some have now begun to believe that this area is an improvement over old Jericho. A comfortable and well defended home here is not difficult to image.

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