Post-Homesick Follow-Up

Father Nikolai had a clever plan.

He thought he could harness the High Winter Ornamental Titans and strike a blow against Jericho; a persistent thorn in his side.

He thought he could unravel your spirits, take your souls, undo the creation of Ticker and Tocker.

Jericho proved once again his plans were naught but folly.

Those of you who wish, may spend your evening in the Great Library of High Winter Town. At some point, the library fades and you find yourself in Jericho (or whichever town you live in).

The warmth of High Winter lingers in your hearts (if you wish it) throughout winter.

In the days that follow, tradesfolk, soldiers and farmers all tell how the children claim to have had the most amazing dream. They describe how the children dreamed of the adventurers of Jericho in a great library.

3 2 1 lay on.

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