Introducing UW Saskatoon: Guildhouse Zenithstrand

Welcome the newest member of the Underworld LARP family – Guildhouse Zenithstrand, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! From co-owner Dave Ashby:

“With great pride and a liberal amount of squee’ing, please welcome to the family, Underworld Saskatoon!

Our friends and family out in Saskatchewan have opened up a chapter of Underworld, starting in 2016. Bryce Robinson, Wesley Gunn, and Tammy Asuma are taking the reins as Guildmasters for our 8th Underworld LARP Guild. They all have an extensive amount of experience in larping, both from a player perspective and Shaping, and gaming in general. I’ve spoken with all three of them and I’m really excited to see this Guild grow into something epic.

So, without further ado… Underworld LARP Saskatoon: Guildhouse Zenithstrand!

Welcome to the family folks!

Hail Hydra”

Check our their Facebook page here:


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