Now Hiring!


On the evening of the 9th day of the new year, Lord Huello and The Empire of Berphaunt will be hosting an evening of entertainment, wager, and social merriment. To make this evening a grand success, I have been charged with hiring various participants to fill important roles.

All jobs are simple and safe in nature, and will be compensated fairly.

Jericho requests the following:

Performers to fill FIFTEEN to THIRTY minutes of time with the beauty of art and entertainment.
At 8 Bells
At 9 Bells
At 10 Bells

Individuals to run card tables.
Poker Table One
Poker Table Two
Black Jack Table

There are other sources for entertainment available in the form of Interactive theater with Crows Most Fowl, Ranged skill games, Dueling pits for martial and mage skilled folk, and lotteries.

To start things off, the first TEN individuals to mark their names below this missive will be entered into a draw for THREE tickets to participate in one of the performances being offered by Crows Most Fowl.

Those who wish to apply for paid positions may contact me directly at my humble lodging, located at ((

Know that all profit from this evening is intended to improve your town and quality of life over the next year. So please attend in good spirits, give generously, and help make Jericho a thriving community within the glorious empire.

Court Aide, Percival

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