Welcome Underworld Cape Breton!

“What an excellent belated Christmas gift for us. Please welcome our 9th chapter, Underworld Cape Breton – Guildhouse: Tempest Grove, to our loving and twisted family.

TG is owned and operated by Alex and Jeff, two incredibly talented people with years of gaming, cosplay, larping, and role paying experience under their belt. I’ve been working with them both throughout the last 3 months, assessing the viability of a game out in Nova Scotia. I think they’re going to do just fine.

They’re JUST getting started and setup. I’ll post the FB group, plus everything else, as they setup. Expect full season games from them in the spring, 2016.

Tempest Grove, welcome to the family. It’s all shenanigans from here.”

Original post here: http://underworldlarp.com/forum/thread-353.html

Now with a Facebook page!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Underworld Cape Breton!

  1. Hiya; I ran into a couple of your guys at Geekquinok. They were asking about sources for weapon cores & foam. Here are my sources; please pass this along to the guy who plays the faun.
    https://goodwinds.com/ Pretty good, especially for 1 handed cores. 2 handed can be pricy, and a little bit short.
    http://www.mgs4u.com/fiberglass-tube-rod.htm Very sturdy; comes in 2′, 4′ or 8′ lengths; I bought 4′ and cut some in half along with a sleeve for 6′ weapon cores.
    http://canada.foambymail.com/cross-linked-polyethylene-foam.html #2 foam, good for striking surfaces.

    Dale Roberts

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