Declaration of Current State and Future Intent

Citizens of The Empire,

My name is Meinrad Oreblood Imperium. Some of you may remember meeting me at the summit where our great Empire was declared and brought into existence. My role within this town is to manage resources for yourselves, and The Empire. We have had forces scouting the nearby mines while other forces focused on salvage, and ensuring our trades folk survive the cold months. For this, and your continued vigilance; The Empire thanks you.

Percival reports that we have raised a modest sum at the fund raiser, which will be put towards the development of the area where you adventuring folk will settle. On that note, The greater numbers of the area will remain where we are currently. We will be sending some scouting forces to the areas in which we intend to settle. Be prepared to make way once the cold months and snows have passed.

Intendant of The Civil Lists,
Meinrad Oreblood Imperium

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