Rumours for February 2258

There appears to be a sugar shortage in town. Little can be done at the moment to fix this oversight. The weather is to difficult to make a shipment and using the skine gate seems unnecessarily expensive. The Hoblings seem utterly distraught.

An elderly bearded man with a cane has stopped has be witnessed around campfires. He spins great tales of adventure from times gone past, of his party of five adventurers.

Word is that the compound which House Maelvain established south of Jericho’s settlement had some issues with their security.

People are now saying that the trained snake which was stealing coin last month is actually a trained rock worm.

Local cobbler Ms.Ghendry is very upset about the re-disappearance of her dog. Having only reunited with him recently she has sunk into a great depression. She has made efforts to find her dog but has thus far be unsuccessful. Nobody else seems to have misplaced their dogs… Again…

A few farmers have reported seeing a couple small furry children walking through the woods and climbing trees.

Berphaunt soldiers in Jericho have been overheard saying they had seen numerous small patrols of dark elves from Antioch’s military in the region.

The orange eyed apparitions that some have dubbed “The Spectators’ have been witnessed again in wooded areas at night.

Everyone is very upset about what has been happening with the children. There is still no explanation to be had.

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