Factions by Guildhouse and Country

The world of Maud’madir is split into two factions: the Berphauntian Empire and the Whiteraven Alliance.

As of February 2254, the official stances based on guildhouse:

Ashendael (Ottawa): The Empire
Havenhollow (Japan): Whiteraven
Jericho (Toronto): The Empire
Kalidor/Estlemere (Edmonton): Whiteraven
Ralinwood (London): Whiteraven

The official stances based on country (brackets indicate the racial homeland, not the entire race):

Antioch (Dark Elves): The Empire
Aslak (Wolven): Whiteraven
Dul’Again (Stone Elves): unknown
Duvain: Whiteraven
Mjoll (Einher) Clan Gahighlyn: The Empire
Mjoll (Einher) Clan Hunhil: Whiteraven
Felnir (Savar): Whiteraven
Gerdain (Dwarven): The Empire
Jormunger (Ice Elves): unknown
Melinda (Wood Fae): unknown
Mizrah Atara (Avian): neutral
Rashada (Fire Elves, Pax): unknown
Suvant (High Elves) official government: The Empire
Suvant (High Elves) Jatar Sumendar: Whiteraven
Teris (Hobling): Whiteraven
Tiefenue: Whiteraven
The Undermines (Gnome): unknown
Womb of the Earth (Minotaur): unknown


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