New Councilman of Jericho

On behalf of Jarl Ragnfast Malar-Skaw,

Warriors and citizens of Jericho,

I wish to express my respect for how the Ice Elf filth and other unpleasant guests in the north were dealt with by you. As you may have heard me speak within my hall in the north, I have no tolerance for cowards and quitters or mercy for those who attack my home. You have shown me that you are willing to raise arms when the time comes, and in time you will prove that we do not abandon our homes.

I am not a hard man to get along with, but you will find I am hardly the man you wish to cross. I am here to perform a duty for The Empire and my people. You are now also my people, and I hope that we can raise a glass instead of axes whenever possible. I will require your help to make that happen, so I expect and will thank you all to maintain the peace among yourselves as you are now.

My huskarl, Goedsvin Taeg is a loyal and longtime friend. Along with my Vitki and personal guard, you should have no trouble bringing matters to my attention. They will be present in various capacities to relay your words to my ears. Please show them respect and consider they are not slaves or servants. Also, please ensure the matte needs my attention when brought tome. You do not need to overlook your local officials if something arises. I will be more readily available once things are in order.

You will find me to be a fair man that is as comfortable with casual conversation as I am with leadership. With this in mind, the magistrate has been handling things well to this point and I see no reason to change that. We have a period of adjustment and transition while we await the rest of the council, and attend to disorder that has been left with the passing of your previous council.

In the coming months, we will sort through all the politics and have things brought to order so we may progress in developing this town. It has been brought to my attention that the area you reside in now is temporary, and our destination for those who are not shop keeps and farmers is to continue to a more suited location. This shall remain the plan as I can see no reason to make it otherwise.

May your cups be full and your weapons sure, and may we find ourselves in the company of worthy friends and allies.

Ragnfast Malar-Skaw

Delivered by Huskarl Goedsvin Taeg

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