Near Future Plans for Jericho

From the Office of Jarl Ragnfast Malar-Skaw, Council of Jericho.


I have met with the Intendant of the Civil Lists, Meinrad Oreblood Imperium. We have completed our review of the resources within this area and those surrounding the settlement. You are all to be commended for your efforts in ensuring the sustainable future for the trades people and farmers who are to live here. Left behind in the wake of the tragedy, these lands will now serve their new residents well.

In approximately two months, we will be gathering and making our way toward the northern area of former Crucible. Those familiar with the geography will recognize this area as the holdings of the late Sir Bardue. He who led forces against your people and your former home. This area has been found to hold numerous mines and other natural resources. The terrain is well suited to housing merchants, scholars and those of you who engage in adventuring opportunities.

Our friends from Gerdain, and their contracted servants from House Malvein, have scouted a number of potential mines as well as an area which may be developed to provide a defensible town center. Around this location there are numerous wooded areas which will allow you all to create camps and build homes for yourselves. You are encouraged to find an area to your liking and develop it for your own interests. The space around town center is to be considered common public lands.

We remind you that no matter your differences, the defense of Jericho and your homes rests upon your shoulders. There will be no more retreats. We will not sacrifice our homes again. From Champion to cobbler, fighter to farmer, we all stand together in this new land of opportunity. Let none take it from us while we still draw breath. You will never be expected to toss away your life like some zealot dog of the Whiteraven Alliance. Through superior support and tactic, we will ensure you are not be routed from your homes again.

On behalf of Jarl Ragnfast Malar-Skaw,

May your cups be full and your weapons strike true.

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