Welcome to Antioch

Residents of Jericho,

Welcome to the Kingdom of Antioch.

Who would have thought that you would find yourselves a part of Antioch after so recently rejecting this very arrangement? If by chance you were unaware, you are now within Antioch’s domain as defined by our rule in these lands and agreed upon by The Empire. This means that the settlement which continues to call itself Jericho is now under Antioch’s authority. The dark goddess welcomes you into her embrace.

As loyal members of the Empire of Berphaunt, we accept the arrival of our fellow citizens. There will be some adjustments and policies enacted within Jericho to ensure the eventful history of your people does not follow more than it has already preceded you. On that note, you now find yourselves under the jurisdiction of House Renaton of Antioch. The plans to relocate from your current location is hereby suspended indefinitely, and a meeting of the full council will be required to disclose sensitive information regarding these lands.

House Renaton will be sending representatives to appoint a member of Council from among your population. They will be arriving on March 12th to interview and select someone who will adequately represent the interests of Antioch. Candidates will present themselves in a proper and orderly manner on that date. Interested parties would do well to come prepared to explain how it is they best represent the values which Antioch holds, and how best they would represent both The Empire and The Kingdom.

Furthermore, the resources of this area are the property of Antioch. We do not require the assistance of Gerdain in assessing or acquiring those resources. While we appreciate the efforts of the Intendent of the Civil Lists, we will continue to handle what is rightfully ours without Gerdain’s oversight. They will collect their tools, leave what is Antioch’s behind and depart our domain. They will find the Empire stands with us in this declaration and has given Antioch it’s support on this matter, as gratitude for our efforts against the Citadel in recent conflicts.

Have your affairs in order upon our arrival.

Nescis quid serus vesper vehat
House Renaton,
Kingdom of Antioch

Original post here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=15663


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