New Council Member Jaelyn Greensbane

From the office of Council Jaelyn Greensbane:

Good Peoples of Jericho, my name is Jaelyn Greensbane and it is with great pleasure that I arrive to assume the role of Council member within your town. I look forward to developing a close relationship with those who tend the land, provide essential services, and maintain our safety. It is my hope that we can show the world that Jericho is more than the bad reputations and unfortunate circumstances that has befallen it.

Growing up with my brother, Lieutenant Victor Greensbane and our father, General Archibald Greensbane of Berphaunt, I am no stranger to the pitfalls and perils of choices made when in conflict. Sometimes choices make us heroes, and other times those same choices can make us villains. My father would often say ‘Victories are won in the hearts and minds of commoners’. I believe these words hold true, and that those of us with the means to do so should work towards helping the common good.

It is my belief that there is as much goodness in culture as there is prowess in battle. As such, Council Ragnfast Malar-Skaw and I have decided to hold a Diplomatic Ball in honor of the arrival of our allies from Antioch.

An official invitation will be made in the near future. We hope to mingle with as many of you as possible, but we must address the politics at hand as well. With the unfortunate circumstances of the past council, we find ourselves in a period of difficult adjustments. We know that there are guilds and proposals of various sorts to review and revisit. We also know that you are strong people and capable of functioning with decorum and dignity for a short time while we organize. We believe the best way to do this will be to allow those within local administrative positions to remain as such while we begin anew with Guild and Faction registrations. We will do our best to satisfy the desires of Antioch, The Empire and the locals.

Over the next couple of days, we hope you will all remain vigilant and be mindful of the notices. There will be details regarding the upcoming gathering, as well as some requests and requirements for those who wish to present proposals of any kind. While I am eager to meet each and every one of you, I ask that you be mindful of the duties that must occupy my time and hold your greetings until after the Ball.

In your service,
Council Jaelyn Greensbane of Berphaunt

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