UW LARP Presents: Loose Lips – A Masquerade Ball at Sea

loose lipsIn celebration of Underworld LARP’s 20th year of production, we’re proud and excited to host a special In Game Masquerade Ball, on the traditional 165 foot three masted Schooner, The Kajama! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to larp, feast, and drink on a fully catered pirate ship while it sails Lake Ontario. Please join us on June 3rd, 2016 at the Toronto Harbour as we dance and party in both an In Game and Out of Game celebration of all things Underworld LARP.

This special event is 4 hour evening cruise which includes a fully catered four course meal, music, dancing and of course, all your favorite In Game characters all while being fully immersed in our unique gameworld.

This won’t be a standard Underworld event. We’re considering this a game that is open to all our Guilds. As such, ticket prices are standardized for everybody and any player that attends, regardless of guild, will receiving 50 frags usable at the guild of their choice.

There is a pay bar on board and because drinking will be taking place, this will be a non combat, RP only event. It is an 18+ event but you must be 19 to drink alcohol. Do not drink and drive. Players do not need to preregister through logistics, there will be no character sheets or tags. Players may play any living character active in our database or something completely new if they wish.

Because dinner is included in the ticket, we cannot accept walk-ons or ticket sales at the door. All tickets must be pre-purchased and ticket sales end Monday, May 30th. Dinner is included with the ticket sale and there is no option to opt out for a discounted ticket price. Menu will be provided shortly, vegetarian options are available.

We want to stress that while scripted combat may occur from staff and storytellers, players cannot engage. The risk of going overboard is too great. Swiming is forbidden as we are in the harbour. Jumping off the ship carries a fine of over $5000. We ask you please leave your weapons at home. Outside of any scripted combat, we’ve hired entertainment to keep you from jumping overboard into a watery grave. More on that soon!

The maximum capacity of the Kajama is 225 people and we’re likely to hit that with this event. We’ll be selling a bundle of early bird tickets for a discounted price. Please note that Underworld LARP is offsetting the cost as much as we can. We’re not making profit off this event, but we are trying to break even if we can. Ship sets sail at 7pm sharp, whether you’re there or not. We board at 6:30pm and we return at 11pm, that night.

Not a LARP’er? Don’t have an Underworld LARP character? That’s ok! Contact us through our FB page and we’ll make sure you get sorted out so you can come party, dance and drink with us!

This is a formal masquerade ball. Get your best costume on, polish up that fancy armour and remember that masks are mandatory!

Boarding: Friday, June 3rd, 2016 6:30PM
Set Sail: 7:00PM Sharp
Return: 11:00PM Sharp
Price: Early Bird Tickets: $60
Standard Ticket Price: $70
Frags: 50

IG info coming soon!

Buy Tickets Here!: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/underworld-larp-presents-loose-lips-a-masquerade-ball-at-sea-tickets-24654217428

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1822046624690148/


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