A Notice to the Citizens of Jericho

Citizens of Jericho,

It has come to the Council’s attention that The Empire was under the impression that we had already moved the bulk of our residents to our intended permanent location. As some of you may be aware, Antioch had forbidden us from moving forward since we were unaware that powerful enemies had been released and were plaguing the area. It was our understanding we would be able to move once the dangers were made clear to us. And despite us being made aware of the dangers, our farmers and tradesfolk continued to be prevented in moving onwards, delaying them further in their honorable tasks that benefit us all.

Council Elara saw the need to find answers and has gone to speak with Antioch in person to resolve this matter. We have since learned there are some among us who would plan to take action in their own hands for the greater good. While The Empire respects your ambition and willingness to put yourselves in danger for the sake of the town, we sought answers in a less personal manner as the need to move to our permanent home has grown increasing urgent in these last few weeks.

The communications were brief and to the point, and in no way undervalue the actions of Council Elara. Her efforts are certain to bring more information and deeper respect from our Drael’thalan neighbours.

We have since received a reply to our communications. In short, Antioch requests that we send our citizens to find out what has happened to the Dark Elves who were supposed to be safeguarding the region we are to live in. They have lost contact and further attempts to scout the area have been met with more silence. At this time they feel that we should show our desire to live in the area we are destined for by making it safe for ourselves and giving aid to them as per their wish.

While the tasks set out for us by the Dark Elves is one of importance, the Squamatta which Council Elara bartered peace with also require our assistance and a show of friendship. Therefore we will proceed as follows. Those who wish to assist the Squamatta will do so. We are told this is not an overly dangerous undertaking, and will not require our most powerful citizens.

Ensuring that the Squamatta have the assistance they require, the rest of you will venture into the lands we are meant to live in. This will be very dangerous and only the most skilled citizens should step forward for this challenge. We will need strength in combat as well as magic and support roles. Rescue what Dark Elves you can, and destroy the enemies of The Empire who would dare keep us from our homes.

My brother and I will be joining you on this day and assisting with relations with the Squamatta. We have full confidence that Jericho will divide forces with intelligence and tactics. If the tasks prove to be too difficult, we will reassemble and bolster as needed.

Citizens, it is time to claim the land that is to be ours and prove to our allies that there is wisdom and strength behind the name Jericho.

Long Live The Empire
Long Live the Emperor

Council Jaelyn Greensbane

Original post here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=16076


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