April Maneuvers Bring May Rumours

– The Dwarven colonists from Gerdain will arrive some time in the next two weeks. Forward scouts have made contact with the group and, barring misfortune, they will be arriving on time.

– The Orange Eyed Spectators are being seen in daylight for the first time. Still only appearing around dusk these apparitions seem to have become bolder. They are being accompanied by creatures that look like animals which have been crudely twisted to resemble a humanoid shape. These animals have bloody symbols carved into their skin and when they die they revert into their base animal form.

– News has spread that a monastery of the Auzure monks was stormed by a group of cultists claiming to be working for an entity they refer to only as the lady. Every monk was slain. One was unlucky enough to remember her death but otherwise no record of what happened exists.

– A local child has been born with horns on its forehead. Lucky its a Wood Fae! The new child has joined the community. Conceived by: Seanchen Mac Phaidin, Caolán Ó Buachalla, Cairrean Nic Caoimh, and Nóise Mac Cuarta; the child is happy and healthy.

– The sugar shortage appears to be abated, at least temporarily. This is odd because Berphaunt has still been unable to get such supplies sent to New Jericho’s region. The Hoblings seem to be happy but they will not speak of how the apparent crisis was averted.

– The Firbolgs in the region seem to be very aggressive. There have been issues with trade caravans being assaulted on the roads and Berphauntian surveyance teams being accosted. People have varying opinions of what to do with the locals ranging between quelling them, relocating them, or integrating them with society.

– More people are saying that they’ve seen furry looking children frolicking through the woods. Each sighting seems to coincide with tales of theft. Mostly of food which is scarce at the moment.

– A few people are convinced that they have seen their shadow move of its own accord. Many people worry that they are simply going insane as a result of the pressure they are under.

– Word is that Jarl Ragnfast is a terrible drunk. Many people report that they have seen him inebriated beyond reason more than once in the last few months. His Huskarl might be a pain in the ass but he seems to be the only person keeping Ragnfast on the council.

Original post here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=16080

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