Escapees of Asylum Heretica

Some of you are familiar with who I am, Most of you are familiar with The Blood Red Rose.

For those of you are not, My name is Sir Granville Hayson Of The Blood Red Rose, Order of The Sword. You may address me as Sir Hayson. The Blood Red Rose represent no Kingdom, Nation, Empire, Alliance or any other organized body of rulership over any body of peoples. Instead, we act as an independent organization of individuals dedicated to the people. We stand for the rights and fair treatment of the people. We oppose ruling bodies who lose sight of the importance of their farm and trades folk. Our presence does not indicate this ruling body is acting contrary to our oaths, and Sir ‘Oz’ would be whom would speak to them if they were. When the Order of The Shield fails to resolve matters through diplomacy, The Sword will resolve it through actions.

If you wish to know more, then seek us out.

Now that you have some idea of who I am and who we are, I have returned to your town with information. I am told you are aware of some of this, but not all of it. I wish I had more detailed information to provide, but I only have what I was given.

These lands held a secret prison called Asylum Heretica. It was reserved for the most dangerous and threatening enemies of the world. The Citadel were unable to destroy these enemies and so they placed them in a prison of specific design. The lock to this prison was sealed by Divine ritual and rite. It has been destroyed and the prisoners are free.

While many of you have faced insurmountable odds before, consider the Citadel could not destroy these creatures when they were at the height of their power. Engage them at your own risk, and with caution.

I will provide here a copy of what we know of these prisoners. Please make copies, distribute them and use the information to safeguard yourselves and those who are less capable of doing so. Your town puts aside their differences often to face a common enemy for mutual survival. Do so now, because this is not a threat you can ignore or face while facing each other.

The Lady of Faces

Description: An eloquently dressed woman who carries a parasol. Her head is a column of many faces merged together. The woman seeks to be the only thing of beauty in existence. She will stop at nothing to see this desire through.

Known abilities & powers:
• Charming and Domination Magics
• Offensive Psionics
• Offensive Light Magic
• Unbreakable will: the ability to push through any effect that would disable or otherwise stop her. Through her will alone she can resist powerful magics, alchemies, and even mortal wounds. Her will is also expressed through the cultists that serve her. This will is so strong it is even capable of tearing them back from final death.
Servants: The lady is followed by a small but zealous group of cultists. Their bodies seem to be similar to that of flesh golems. They are animated by the will of the lady. Their love of her is so intense that they are willing to face death over and over again for her cause.

Crimes: With any place the Lady and her minions traveled to she sought to destroy beauty. She has even slain children and animals in her unending conquest.

Method of Capture: The Lady was lured into a building that was specially constructed for her capture. Within, each wall the floor and the ceiling were all unbreakable mirrors. Closing the door behind her left her trapped in a constant struggle to break the mirrors. Seeing herself in the mirrors caused her attempt to see them destroyed. All of her cultists were found and killed. When they were brought back from death they were brought back within the room she was trapped. From where they were captured the entire structure was brought, through massive expenditure of labour, to the Asylum Heretica.

The Gut Bloater

Description: a lumbering mass of flayed skin and necrotized skin melded together into a monstrosity. This is an elder ghoul which consumes flesh from other creatures and then incorporates it into their physiology.

Known abilities & powers:
• The ability to create other greater undead through the consumption of flesh. It processes the flesh internally and then produces an independent amalgam which works alongside it.
• Persistent Persona: the entity seems to be incapable of being permanently destroyed. Its persona seems to linger even after its body has been destroyed. If one of it minions is still alive, once it has been felled, that minion experiences a rapid transformation and becomes the Gut Bloater itself. Even if every minion is destroyed along with its lair the creature seems to be able to reproduce itself from dead flesh in the nearby region.
• Excessive strength. The Gut Bloater is able to single handedly choke a man to death while fighting off enemies with its other hand.
• The creature is able to vomit forth massive amounts of caustic stomach acid. In addition to this it can tear out its own organs and throw them at enemies. The organs explode upon contact in a shower of harmful chemicals.

The Gut Bloater was created by Styphon in the war against Tiefannue. It was a necromancy ritual wrought into the very essence of the land. The ritual is bound and dependent upon him alone. The true death of the Gut Burster can only be achieved through the death of Styphon himself.

Method of Capture:
Operatives of the citadel worked to destroy every last one of its minions and were careful not to allow it to feed. Following that the Gut Bloater was captured and bound within chains produced by a legendary blacksmith. When brought to the prison the creature’s maw was carefully sewn shut with angel-hair thread and the body was encased in concrete for good measure. The stone slab containing the body was placed within concentric rings of permanent healing circles.

The Shadow Avian

Description: a now blind avian with green feathers travelling with its shadow double.

Known abilities & powers:
• Technomancy: the ability to create constructs from basic materials without the use of ritual magic. In addition to this it has the ability to recover from many mortal wounds through the use of its technology.
• The Avian is also able to return from final death through some kind of partnership it has developed with its shadow double.
Servants: This pairing has be witnessed attacking en-masse with mechanical constructs and animated, independent shadows.

History: The Shadow Avian was a scholar in Mizra Attara who excelled at scientific studies. He merged his technological prowess with Arcane knowledge and become one of the most prominent figures at the time. His hubris was unparalleled and eventually he began experiments that no Avian should have ever contrived. His experiments led to his eventual expulsion from Avian society. Soon his experiments lead to a dark place. He was able to isolate his own shadow double and form a symbiotic partnership. Eventually his efforts were noticed by the citadel and they sought to bring him down.

– How they were captured –
At the cost of many lives, the constructs and shadows of the avian were destroyed. The Avian himself was lured into an area that was then flooded with light to prevent shadows from forming. The avian was subdued and had his eyes branded and burned out. The wounds are warded and can never be healed. This prevented the Avian from ever being able to travel into the Shadow plane. The prisoner was transported and entombed in the Asylum Heretica in a room of persistent Light.

Subject 28

Description: A human male, merged with living armor.

Known abilities & powers:
• The living armour is able to reflect any attack back on its attacker. It is able to riposte blows, absorb alchemy and store it for later use and act as a conduit for magic to be recast on another individual.
• The armor is also able to reform itself and manifest any weapon Subject 28 wishes to utilize.

History: Subject 28 was a success in a series of experiments conducted by the Citadel. They sought to see how to make their warriors stronger with the use of ritual magics, chemistry and artificing all together bonded with the soul of the warrior. Subject 28 was their crowning success. All subjects were devout members of the Citadel and only accepted on a volunteer basis. Lesser creations were made but have long since perished. Some destroyed by Subject 28 himself. It is official record that Subject 28 began to resent all life and attempted to purify the world. Attempts to reason with, or calm their urges to destroy were met with violence and death. This creature cannot be reasoned with and has no semblance of what he once was. He was bound by powerful Divine magics and placed within the Asylum Heretica.

The Mahrt

Description: The Mahrt is an ancient Fae creature that appears to be the meeting of a Nightmare and Humanoid. Their head is that of the hosre-like creature, as well as their lower legs. Though it stands on two legs as a humanoid.

Known abilities & powers:
• The creature is able to control the thoughts and intentions of children within their dreams.
• It lures the children and causes them to commit acts of atrocity and heresy against themselves and adults.
• Children will then vanish without a trace. It is suspected that they are taken to the Dark Fae realm for sinister purpose.

Servants: None, save for the children whom it manipulates.

History: Over the course of a decade the children of numerous settlements were lost. The villages of Tam Hill, Georgeville, Kael’s Vigil, Johnson Crossing, Vilhelm Crossing and Fredrick Town to name a few.

– How they were captured –
How this creature was captured has been lost.

Be aware and prepared.

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