Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Under Lock and Qui

under lock and quiCitizens of Jericho,

On behalf of Antioch, House Renaton sends commendation for your adequate efforts in creating the lock. The diligence of each and every one of you is surprising.

With the Tri-Lock Seal completed, we move on to the rite. We will be expecting your best craftsmen and ritualists to complete this imperative task, via our instructions. Required are ritual casting magi from each sphere of magic, excluding that of Wytchcraft, Corrupted Nature, and the Draconic. A representative of Antioch will ascertain the prime location for the rite’s casting, and the placement for the lock. Make no mistake; you are to collectively consider this your magnum opus. Inadequacy will not be tolerated. It is time you learned from the Citadel’s failure and show these beasts what a true eternal sentence is. Antioch is also seeking a powerful individual who will act as new Warden for the lock. If cowardice takes you all, then one will be chosen.

What once was weakly sealed by the Light shall now be held by the darkness, and with it the Prisoners shall be again entombed. This time, properly, and with your involvement.

Tenebrae est tantum signum

The Adjudicator of House Renaton,

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Underworld LARP Presents: Warcry 2016!

The Isle of Melinda, home to the typically peaceful and carefree Wood Fae, has been besieged. The God-Creature Ga’more and his army of insectoid Brood have swarmed her shores, infecting and murdering any who stand in their way. Perhaps worse still, they’ve enslaved the Purple Firstborn Dragon, Essyllt. All hope was lost and the populace of that small island was assumed dead or worse until a call for help was made. Using powerful fae magic, those still alive sent a message through across the land: “We are still alive.”

Faithful adventurers, a call has been made. The Wood Fae of Melinda need your help. Ga’more and his brood must be pushed back and the Firstborn Essyllt must be dealt with, in one way or another. Heed the cry of war. The time has come to take the fight to the enemy and liberate those who are enslaved.

warcry faerie

Official forum post here: http://underworldlarp.com/forum/thread-633.html

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/152201158525204/