Troubles at the Gate

As dawn approaches on the 1st of June, a stillness sets over Maud’Madir, followed by a spark of magic throughout the air.

True fae, their diluted blood cousins, and those with fae affinity feel it first. Like static in the air, it raises the hair on their arms and necks, and goosebumps crawl up their skin. This static grows more powerful, and begins to fill the air with an electric hum. As it does so, it becomes noticeable to all. A moment later, the effect intensifies further. Those with the ability to sense fae magic do so instantly, and effortlessly. A short moment after that, the rising force begins to manifest around each local Skein Gate. As the energy coalesces around the gate, blue and yellow sparks arc and crackle around the frame. Heaving under the weight of magical inertia, finally there erupts a blinding flash of yellow light, and all Skein Gates flare to life. Instead of the traditional blue solid surface, a yellow one manifests. This effect causes the Skein Gates to tremble and resonate as if the magic used to create these powerful artifacts was insufficient to handle this infusion of raw Fae power. As quickly as it started, the discharges of magic cease. The Skein Gates settle and once again, a stillness fills the air. The yellow rippling surface of the Skein Gate calms as well.

A message begins to appear, the Skein Gate’s enchantments tracing its origin back to once thought obliterated, Isles of Melinda. Scratching itself in the fabric of the magic surface, and each letter dripping like blood. It spells 4 terrifying words.

we are still alive

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