The History of Jericho, as of June 2258

The History of Jericho, as of June 2258
(as far as a new character will know).

Jericho was not always here. The original town was founded about eight and a half years ago. Once a Suvantian territory, charged with maintaining one of the Beacons that powered the Curtain against the Undead, it has its own colourful history (which can be read here).

Overwhelming Citadel forces threatened Jericho in September 2257. The Berphauntian government ordered the evacuation of the town, and Jericho’s adventurer population defended the ritual that would collapse the Citadel forces. It worked, although with several losses, including the lands of Jericho itself, the welcome of the Grey Elves in their forest, and the ruling Duchess Alexandra Forbin, Chosen of Raze. The survivors spent two to three weeks walking north to a holdover site, the former town of Crucible, before finally moving to their new location. To commemorate their survival, the rulers renamed this town to Jericho.

Jericho is now located in Antioch (Dark Elven) territory. It is rich in natural resources: forests, fields and mines (under government control). The landscape is mostly rolling hills, with some heavily wooded areas and swamp. The farms are dominated by about equal numbers of Humans and High Elves. Several of the adventuring population have settled down and started building more permanent encampments, no longer bound by the Grey Elves’ restriction against structures. Other organizations have sprung up, such as a branch of the Conclave of Magi and the River Run Hospital.

Jericho’s major neighbours are:

  • North: Mjoll, the homeland of the Einher
  • East: Berphaunt, a Human kingdom
  • South: Duvain, a mercantile island nation of all races
  • West: Styphon, the domain of the Black Dragon of Destruction

While Jericho is on Antioch territory, Antioch itself is primarily an underground kingdom. Duvain is a month’s trip by sea from the coast.

The High Elven Kingdom of Suvant has a long history with Jericho, and has an ambassador in residence in Jericho. However, Suvant itself is located on a floating continent, and difficult for the average person to travel to and from. The town of Silverbreach (a month’s walk from Jericho) is one of the their earthly cities.

All kingdoms on the continent are vast, and contain numerous small farms and villages that have experienced fortunes and hardships themselves. It is a minimum one month’s walking to even begin approaching the heart of these lands; while the different kingdoms technically control the land, there is no visible line in the sand to show where one country ends and another begins, and border areas are known to fluctuate back and forth between masters (or not even be aware of the change in leadership).

Travel between places not necessarily has to be done by foot: most well-known is the enigmatic Skein Dominion and their Skein Gates dotting the continent. An independent and neutral faction of mages, they facilitate instantaneous travel across the planet…for a hefty fee. (More information can be found here).

For those who don’t normally have access to ludicrous amounts of gold, there will always be wagons and caravans rolling across the country.

In August 2257 a peace summit was held in Day’Ten. An account can be read here. The result was Berphaunt declaring itself an empire and a division between kingdoms. Those who did not want to join later formed the Whiteraven Alliance.

Major factions:

  • Berphaunt: a kingdom to the east, identified by red and white tabards.
  • Grey Elves: the mystical Elves that guard the forest, identified by elven ears and grey skin. Since the destruction of former Jericho, they have rescinded their offer to live in their lands. Their forests are to the west of Jericho.
  • Inviticus: pain-worshipping cultists, identified by black tabards.
  • Pax Arcaniam: an all-female magic group, tied to very leylines of magic, identified by tear track scars on their faces.
  • Pax Morbidish: an all-male anti-magic group, identified by gold tear tattoos and black/grey greatcoats and caps.
  • Styphon: a dark wasteland ruled by Styphon, the Black Dragon, identified by green and black tabards.
  • Suvant: a floating High Elven kingdom; currently floating over Day’ten (their island outpost southwest of Jericho) and expected to remain there for the year.

* Note that this description isn’t exhaustive, detailed or even very accurate, and things always change based on player actions during and between events. Contact a New Player Liaison if you have questions!

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