Council Decision Reguarding Writs

Citizens and Townsfolk,

Below is the decision of the Council in regards to the status of different races, the ownership and use of stilettos and Garrotes, and the use of restricted magic.
As you read through this, please keep in mind that our decisions were made with the wellbeing of all in mind, from the most valiant of warrior to the most noble of farmers.

Stilettos and Garrotes
-Writs will be awarded on a case by case basis. Applicant must apply to Council. If you are unknown to council you may be vetted by a standing member of town.
-A Writ is not needed to own the weapons, only for the use of them. If an individual is brought to the Council under charges or investigation and one is found in their possession this will be seen negatively and may work to lessen their defence.
-Cost 10 gold and will last a year.
-Previous Writ holders must reapply.
-You may surrender these weapons for 1.5 gold to anyone that holds office within the Council without further investigation.

Hybrid Elementals
-Must register themselves with the Mages guild as though a ritual level caster.
-No Writ is required.

-No Writs will be awarded and no new Vampires will be permitted within the Town limits.
-The Vampire known as Eaven Malvein, being the only established Vampire in town is to stay away from the farms and is under the responsibility of House Malvein.

Therians, Orcs, Ogres, Kobolds and Goblin
-No longer considered protected races, and require a writ of protection.
-Writs will only be offered on a case by case basis. Applicants will be given an opportunity to prove themselves over the course of a year (For Were creatures this must be a full year of being affected)
-Writ will cost 10 gold
-Once a Writ is awarded they may then apply for other writs such as for the use of restricted weapons and Magic.

-No Writ is required.

-Not protected.
-No Writs will be awarded.

Restricted Magic

Summoning, Wytchcraft, Necromancy
-These Magic spheres will be heavily restricted and must only be used in defense of the Town.
-A Writ must be held by anyone with knowledge of these spheres.
-Applicants cannot directly petition the Council for a writ.
-Writ applicants must be members of the Mages guild. The Mages Guild may then apply to the Council for a Writ of protection for the individual.
-Writ will cost 10 gold

Corrupted Nature
-Deemed illegal and no Writs will be awarded

Those who hold office with the Council may be exempt from requiring a writ.
The three leaders of the Mages Guild are exempt from requiring writs of protection for the use of restricted magics.
Other exemptions may be made at the discretion of the Council.

*Revisions have been made to inclued goblin, and to change were to therian*

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