June Rumours

– Farmers are worried about their kids. many of them are talking about taking action and seeking out the Pony Man or the Dark Elves who stole their kids. It seems to be a pretty even split on the blame game.

The military and the Council are doing their best to keep them focused on their farms and fields. They have made a promise that everything possible is being done to determine where the kids are and what took them.

It is helping, but there are still hot heads who are failing to see the wisdom in letting the armed and armored people venture out into the dangerous forests and caves in the area.

– Having finally finished their migration from Gerdain, Dwarves have arrived en mass.

They have established themselves within many of the unused mines underneath New Jericho and have inhabited a number of secured smithies and refineries. They can be seen bustling about town on a regular basis taking orders for craft goods and securing materials for their projects. They are mostly polite if not a bit short on words.

– A Wild Elf out for an early morning hunt reported seeing a liquid light alone in a field aways from town center. When he approached, the light mysteriously extinguished itself.

– Gnolls have been harassing Berphantian patrols, merchants, and travelers to and from the area. Curiously, they seem to be avoiding the farms.

– A solitary figure can be seen along the outskirts of town at night. A glint of silver can be seen underneath its hood.

– The name Greggory seems to come up a lot in local chatter about banditry in the area.

– People are talking about royal jelly again. It is said that simply applying the jelly can greatly increase chances of pregnancy in women, sometimes encouraging them to bear more than one child at once.

– There have been visitors from some of the closer settlements. It usually takes them about three or four days to get to Jericho but all they tend to do when they get here is gawk.

– The Firbolg attacks seem to have abated. Something seems to have spooked them into seclusion. Most count it as a blessing but others are asking why.

– Amidst all the hardships that have befallen there is a shining beacon of happiness. Local hoblings have created a new sweet treat called Sugar Peas! This was in response to the sugar shortage which occurred. Enterprising hoblings sought to create a solution and as such developed a new crop. While the sugar shortage mysteriousy ended before the crop could come to be harvested these Sweet Peas are still a lovely treat for all.


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