Orders from the Empire

By decree of his most August Emperor Louis, first Emperor of his name, Emperor of the Glorious Berphauntian Empire and rightful ruler of the lands of Maud’madir,

Let it be known throughout the land that the Empire of Berphaunt will answer the call set forth by those who remain on the Isle of Melinda. Let it be known that we will free the Purple from the vile corruption of Ga’more. Let it be known that we declare, here and now for all the world to know, we will not yield an inch of ground. We will fight back. We will fight until every drop of Berphauntian blood drawn at the hands of the enemy is paid back tenfold by that drawn by Berphauntian steel.

We look to you, citizens of the Empire, to do your part to turn back the tide. Find your resolve, for there can be no retreat in the face of what looms before us. Do your part – in the smithy, on the farm, in the field – for Ga’more has cast the shackles of our submission, and there is no avoiding this war.

Already so many have answered the call. For a year now, those in Day’ten have risked everything for us.

They have shown us their courage in facing down our enemy – your enemy.
They have shown us their faith in our cause – your freedom.
They have shown us their loyalty to our Empire – your Empire.

Skein Gates to every loyal nation, kingdom and independent town, have been arranged and paid for. On this date 26th of July, in the year 2258, the combined forces Empire of Berphaunt, will gather in the port of Prosepero, outside the region of Tempest Grove. Upon those shores you will board the Emperor’s juggernaut class battleship “Loyalty” and you will set sail to the isle of Melinda.

Although many of you will die, know that you will live on in history.

Your Emperor calls now for your service. Where the Gods have failed, we shall succeed.

For the Empire!

By his own hand, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Louis Berphiant

(Signed and sealed by the Emperor)

Original post here: http://www.underworldlarp.com/forum/thread-661.html


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