Orders from Whiteraven Alliance

Free peoples of The Whiteraven Alliance,

A year has passed since we took our stand and denied the yoke of The Empire of Berphaunt. In one voice we proclaimed our right to rule our Nations as we saw fit. We knew then what has been confirmed over the past year. While we stood proud in our freedoms, the innocent citizens of Melinda fell prey to the an ancient power and their Brood forces. The Free Thalan have confirmed that the abhorrent entity known as Ga’More has taken foothold on the Isle of Melinda. With honor, Light and duty, we have taken in refugee and fended off the wolves among the sheep. All this while sharpening our skills and honing the edge of our resolve dealing with local trials and tribulation.

The Horn of Battle sounds. The time has come to rally our forces, muster our courage and march into the maw of the enemy. Justice must be met upon the heads of this ancient enemy brought to our shores by the foolish Empire. Justice upon Ga’more, upon The Brood; and if need be, upon Essylt herself. The task is heavy and not without its perils and pitfalls. The Whiteraven Alliance is no stranger to sacrifice and bringing down the gavel in the name of the greater good. This mission will be no exception, and heavy hearts make the request for these heavy deeds.

All those who would see freedom where there is oppression, Justice where there is slavery, and victory where there is loss will answer the call. It shall not be measure of numbers. It shall not be measure of experience. It shall not be measure of blade or spell. It shall be by measure of valor, will, and confidence in the man or woman to either side of you that delivers victory.

The tireless and brave scouts are assessing the situation on Melinda. On this day, July 26, 2258, the Skein Gates will open, granting passage to our staging grounds. We shall array our forces upon the northern shores of Duvain to make ready our journey upon Duvainian warships. If doubt is among the things you carry upon this journey, know that this deed is too important to leave unattended. While you have the choice to fight, we go to grant that same freedom to those who do not. No matter the numbers; which we hope will be great, we shall reshape the material plane and the host of divine who have left their homes to engage this threat.

Let Freedom be your armor and Justice be your blade.

Whiteraven! Ruled by no one, but governed by all.

By the Will of Prince Leopold, of the Kingdom of Tiefanue, Grand Councillor
Witnessed and approved by the Council of Elders

Original post here: http://www.underworldlarp.com/forum/thread-662.html


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