Where there’s war, there are wares

Hail and well-met,

We do not know yet the troubles that we will face as we approach Melinda, but we do recognize the need to keep supply lines open and morale high in the tumultuous time ahead. House Ravencroft will again be sponsoring a market to meet this need should the landings be successful and a space can be cleared. In good faith, this market is open to residents of both the glorious Empire and the Alliance, and should be treated as a place of (at least grudging) respect as we work alongside one another to push back the brood.

At present we are looking at bringing vendors in or transporting in local artisans’ wares on the morning of Sunday, July 31st. The market and some small contests will be open from 9am – 1pm.

As this is an open market, vendors may participate without any standard copper or silver fees. Should you wish to vend at other times for copper-valued items, standard market rules apply and you will need to turn over the appropriate amount of copper upon arrival in Melinda. *

A retainer of the House will be arriving very late on the Friday evening to scout the area. It is hoped that a few brave individuals may escort them to the Berphauntian camp. They will also be on hand Sunday to assist merchants interested in partaking in the Free Market.

Some market rules:

1. The market is open from 9am – 1pm on Sunday only.
If you wish to vend for copper at another time, please speak with your quartermasters on the way to Melinda** and pay your fee of 10 copper for 24 hours or 25 copper for the full Summit.
2. Leave your squabbles at the door.
Although open combat has been sanctioned by your leaders in some lands in their infinite wisdom to curtail the potential violence between factions of faith or otherwise, such disputes will not be tolerated in the market place.
3. Please keep all walkways tidy.
The need to fight or flee may happen; we will be in hostile terrain after all. Please keep the walkways tidy so that all may do so without damaging your goods. ***
4. Any product worth only copper will be guarded by a custom charm. Unfortunately this does not work on items worth 1 silver or more. ****
Thieves of copper-valued items will find themselves on the short list to oblivion. That said, we hope to begin a tradition of market places throughout the continent, so theft will not be tolerated even of silver-valued items. Our retainer has the House’s full authority to remove the less favoured hand of any thief. (Those over-seeing the war camps may absolutely amend this policy at their discretion).

Any and all are welcome at the market, though we would ask that any slave traders or purveyors of indentured servants remove themselves from the vicinity and be downwind from the main market to preserve the buoyant atmosphere.

Fortuitous trade-winds to you all,
Locke Ravencroft
House Ravencroft of Day’ten

((OOG Notes:
* Please see vendor policies here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=372 You pay your vendor fee at log. This fee applies only if you are selling things for real money, at time other than 9am-1pm on Sunday.
** In this case, Ashendael logistics on the Friday night. I will be collecting and writing everyone down to make Dave and Ted’s lives easier.
*** Vendors at the market place are still IG and I do not have any say from plot about it being a no combat area. As such, your character may need to run, while your product will still be safe.
**** We recognize that IG theft is a thing that some of you enjoy. That said, tags may still be filched but any untagged item (i.e. copper-valued) are not to be touched. Underworld takes theft seriously and this is one of the ways to seeing yourself to a player warning or worse. Of course, IG theft has its own RP ramifications.

If this proves successful, some of us were considering making it a regular thing, although the vending fees may not be waived in the future.))

Originally posted here: http://underworldlarp.com/forum/thread-671.html


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