A Gathering of Fleets

Friday July 29, 2258

You are all brought onto your respective ships, in your respective factions. As Whiteraven Alliance and Empire elite you are given food, water and prepped for the upcoming battle. The officers in charge of your marine unit inform you that you are the reserve force. The regular full time soldiers should be doing most of the fighting and, if all goes well, you won’t be needed at all. You however, the strong and brave adventurers of Maud’madir, know better. Still, you listen to your superiors as your fleets near their destination: The infested and conquered isle of Melinda. Home to the enslaved race of Wood Fae, their dominated Firstborn dragon, and the timelocked God, Ga’more.

Stillness breaks the gentle waters a few short kilometers off the southern shores of Melinda. From the East, a massive fleet of fast Duvianian ships bearing the flag of the Whiteraven Alliance. Their flagship war galleon “Independence”, sailing at her lead. From the West, an expansive fleet of slow but heavily armoured battleships and war vessels move into position with the Emperor’s own juggernaut class warship “Loyalty” at the forefront. As the two armadas take sight of each other, they begin to prepare for battle. Fate, however, has other plans. A loud whistle from the shoreline draws the attention of both factions. A glowing green glob of acidic energy takes flight from the distance shores and moves with speed and force through the air. It lands with a heavy impact, shaking the waters and those that sail on them. The Whiteraven galleon which it strikes is dissolved in an instant. Alarms flare up on both fleets as a new challenger approaches. Brood, by the tens of thousands, take the sea and air. Both fleets quickly put history behind them and move together for safety in numbers.

The eve of battle is upon us. Please read your In Game intro leading up to Friday night.

Our Friday night adventure and siege will take place promptly at 10pm. We can take up to 60 people at a time for 120 total. Those that log in late or do not wish to go on this intense mod can hang around until the first run is complete. You'll be brought in with the supply lines after that. We've setup a mushroom circle at each faction camp. Those coming in late with their gear can do so OOG by fae magic, to those circles. No need to worry about getting jumped by brood with all your tenting.
In order to make this work in a quick and effective manner, we're asking that all players come up to the logistics area at the front of the site, as soon as they have their tents setup and they've gone through log. We will be using the main road as part of the Friday night mod so NO CARS ON SITE PAST 10PM. Try not to wander. We'll do announcements, welcome everybody to the event, then take the first 60 that are ready and fit our criteria.

If you are going on the beachfront siege please note it will be intense, but safe. You may get a little bit wet with clean water. This is not a gore mod but gore will be used. You will not be covered it but it's possible you might get a little splash back. There is on site water to clean up with, if that happens. We've never planned an entrance like this, it's going to be good.

See you on the battlefield.

Original post here: http://underworldlarp.com/forum/thread-673.html


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