Warcry 2016 Recap

The isle of Melinda has been liberated. The combined forces of the Whiteraven Alliance and the Empire of Berphaunt successfully sieged the beaches of the conquered island, struck down many a brood warrior and saved the Firstborn Dragon Essylt. But there was a cost.

As the two factions gathered in the ruined, old, and burnt out Wood Fae village, the True Fae arrived. The courts of summer, winter, spring and fall, all vying for power, rulership and gain by allying with their new found liberators. Our brave citizens worked together, deciding to stand strong under the banner of the Summer Court. A decision that would have seen the Firstborn freed, but the Wood Fae pulled from this mortal realm into the Fae Realm. Unbeknownst to them, citizens of the Empire worked a much darker deal. Allying with the Lord of the Winter Court a devious double cross was devised. When the Dragon Essylt was defeated and subdued, the Summer Court used their most powerful magics to cleanse her and transfer her essence into a single egg. This act weakened the Summer Court and it was then that the Empire and the Winter Court struck, seizing the egg and killing the Lord of Summer Court.

While the Empire schemed in the shadows, a much more noble endeavour occurred in the Whiteraven camp. Young Princess Louisa, daughter to the Empire, arrived seeking aid. She brought stories of her brother’s death, the second son of the Emperor, at the hands of the Empress’ personal Dragonknight assassin, Imrik. She and her brother had been making their way to the island to seek asylum with Prince Leopold and Whiteraven when the dragonknight attacked. She was the only survivor. Leopold gathered his trusted advisors and together they agreed to grant her sanctuary within the Whiteraven ships just as they began to set sail. When the Emperor found out he was furious and, believing his daughter kidnapped and his son murdered by Whiteraven, ended the truce and returned to his ship to give chase. Leopold, however, was more clever. When the Empire forces boarded their ships they had found their masts cut and their rudders disabled. The Emperor was powerless to stop the Duvianian fleet from sailing away with his beloved child. He did however, raise into the air the ill gotten egg of Essylt, showing Whiteraven and the world that the ever-growing borders of the Empire had now enveloped the Isle of Melinda.

As Empire shipwrights worked to repair the damage done by Whiteraven sappers, the Emperor and the Lord of the Winter Court met on the shore. The Emperor handed over the egg of Essylt to the Winter Court to raise while the Winter Court promised fealty to the Empire’s cause and freed the Wood Fae so they could bend knee to their new Emperor. The betrayed members of the Summer Court are nowhere to be found, but as the snow begins to fall on the isle of Melinda, one cannot help but think this story isn’t over.

(OOG note: Whiteraven players are ship bound before being offloaded at the nearest Duvianian port. From there they pass through the Skein gate to their respective towns. Email Bryce @ Uwwshaper2016@gmail.com. Please note he’s travelling back to Edmonton so replies might be delayed.

Empire players are held on the Isle for two days before ships are repaired. In that time a old Skein gate is fixed and travel home is established. Email Mari @ Eternitysmortality@Gmail.com if you have island stuff you wish to do.

Original post here: http://underworldlarp.com/forum/thread-684-post-5205.html


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