Cooking Contest!

This upcoming game will feature a cooking contest! For more details, check out the post here:


Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Fundamental Fracture

Child, stare into the flame with me. Witness the power it has to change.

We have removed the impurities from the clay and worked it to form. We must now place it within the inferno to temper it.

See how the blaze of the crucible refines the clay, extracts the moisture and leaves only the solid stone. Place the work within and see it harden.

Be weary though, too much heat and the clay will fracture. You must be vigilant and watch. As is true in battle it is here as well. At the first sign of a break you must act. Reach into the flame and retrieve your prize. The culmination of your work now rests in your hands. Cherish it and give praise to your ancestors for they have lead you here.


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