A letter posted from Councilor Jarl Ragnfast Malar-Skaw


Our supreme masters in Antioch have just informed me of a situation that needs to be brought to your attention. There is a certain degree of civil unrest in the city beneath us. There are a number of unfathomable reasons for this, most of which I will never understand. What I can gather is that some of the Dark Elf peasantry aren’t overly happy about being forced into the Empire. To further that, they really don’t like our little home so close to their subterranean capital. Some of these Drael’Thalan have taken it upon themselves to engage in some good old fashioned civil disobedience, namely in the murder of Empire citizens. These attacks are not sanctioned by the ruling houses of Antioch. In fact, the ruling houses of Antioch are aiding in patrols to capture or kill these rogues, lest they give Antioch a bad name.

However, to stifle this and to keep peace amongst her people, the Matron Mother, Domma Quesal of house Da’Shere has resurrected an ancient Drael holiday known as “In Die Vindicta” or in the common tongue, “Day of Vengeance.” They claim that on this day, between the hours of 6pm and midnight, all formal laws are abolished. During this time all crime is considered legal. This “holiday” is considered a holy day in the name of Raze. The Matron Mother has informed me that by living under Antioch rule, on Antioch land, we are subject to Antioch customs. She has assured me that no major force or organized army will attack Jericho from Antioch, but she did give us fair warning that individuals or even houses may take advantage of this holy day, and wish us harm.

I’ve informed Berphaunt about this situation and they requested that Jericho be given a one-year grace period. In negotiations, this period has been reduced to 1 hour to show respect for Raze, from 11pm-midnight this Saturday the 10th, 2258. It will be during this hour that you will be at risk.

We will be at risk not only from our allies below, but potentially also from each other. I urge you all to not take advantage of the peaceful civilized town that we have established. You will not be punished, as confirmed by the Matron Mother, but you will certainly lose favour in the council’s eyes. Neither myself, nor the council, have any authority to change this edict but we do have plans to ensure our safety. I will personally be standing guard, my axe ready, in town center during this time. All who wish safety may gather there and wait out this vengeance day. Those who have camps and would rather stay there, I encourage you to build your defenses.

Together we can overcome this. We will purge the rogue dark elf scum from our home, and we will stand united.

Councilor – Jarl Ragnfast Malar-Skaw

Originally posted here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=16902


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