Cheap Costume Tutorial: Red Cap

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make a red cap for the redcap template.

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Cheap Costume Tutorial: Fairy/Insect Wings

For those of you who want to costume up for the upcoming Jericho game (TL;DR: you can play a monster) but aren’t very good at the costuming bit, here are some instructions to get you on your way. These tutorials are designed for someone with minimal or no sewing experience and done on a budget.

In this tutorial I’ll be explaining how to make wings for the fairy (fae) template. This is also applicable to the brood (insect) template, and with a bit of extra cutting, the angel and drake templates. You should be able to at least hand sew to complete this.


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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: The Asylum Heretica

The dragon Ixiad, called by some as the Aracha’Draghoul, has been trapped for an eternity in a world called the Far Realm. A place where only the most horrific and nightmarish creatures call home. She was trapped inadvertently by a planular lock, hidden far beneath the town of Jericho. Now the lock itself has become damaged and Ixiad has clawed her way, once again, into the realm of mortals. She is what the Nightmares fear and she is coming home.

Spreading her vast web of power over the town she claims is hers, she has released a horde of nightmarish power she called “aid”. Red sparks of True Fae power skitter around the forests of Jericho like spiders, transforming the mortals into frightening hybrids of man and monster. Infusing all with this power, she has tasked them with a single simple goal – enter the prison called “Asylum Heretica”, find the lock, and obliterate it.

On All Hallows’ the gates of the Asylum Heretica will open, with its prison cells designed with purpose to trap and hold only the most powerful of villains. Those villains who were once the most fearsome and terrible monsters in the known lands. Now that title belongs to you.

You, the monsters of Jericho, shall enter these strange prison cells, each their own pocket plane of unique design made specifically to accommodate their captives; some bending the very nature of magic and reality as you know it. Find those that would dare threaten what you worked so hard to obtain, and terrorize them.

Let the hunters become the hunted.


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