Cheap Costume Tutorial: Fairy/Insect Wings

For those of you who want to costume up for the upcoming Jericho game (TL;DR: you can play a monster) but aren’t very good at the costuming bit, here are some instructions to get you on your way. These tutorials are designed for someone with minimal or no sewing experience and done on a budget.

In this tutorial I’ll be explaining how to make wings for the fairy (fae) template. This is also applicable to the brood (insect) template, and with a bit of extra cutting, the angel and drake templates. You should be able to at least hand sew to complete this.


Find some cloth. 1 metre will do. I found some cheap Hallowe’en organza at the store ($2/metre). As a note, the lighter the fabric, the more prone to ripping/tearing it will be. However, the lighter fabric will be very flowy, which is what I was aiming for.

Cut out two teardrop shapes. They don’t have to be perfect.


To keep it neat, I serged the edges of the teardrops. This is NOT necessary, but it keeps the fabric from fraying – losing loose threads and decaying. (If you’re a decaying creature, this could work out for you.)


Fold the teardrops in half lengthwise, with the “bad” side facing out, and sew them together.


Turn the fabric inside-out, so your “good” side is facing out.

Attach the points of your wings to your shirt (secondhand, $3). This is where you have to make your own call. If they’re closer to the shoulders, you can wear your shirt under your regular clothes and flip the wings out and over them. If they’re closer to your spine, they look more like wings and less like a weird cape, but you will have to wear the shirt on the outside. I opted for something halfway between the two.

You can also decide how far down you want to attach them. If it’s just at the point, you can more easily flip them out of the way. If you sew further down, attaching the wings lengthwise down the shirt, they will stay in place and look more like wings, but you won’t be able to move them out of your way easily.

And you’re done! The whole get-up cost me $5.



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