Cheap Costume Tutorial: Winged Arms

In this tutorial I’ll be explaining how to make winged arms for the animal template. It is possible to hand sew this, although having a machine is MUCH better.

This tutorial is designed for someone with NO sewing experience. More experienced tailors can take this idea and improve on it.


Get a long-sleeved shirt. This shirt either needs to be made of KNIT or T-SHIRT JERSEY. (Not actual knitted clothing, with yarn and such – knit is the type of cloth.) I say this because not only is the material stretchy, but you will not have to hem anything – knit/jersey doesn’t fray. This was $5 at a secondhand store.


The important part is the arms need to fit – the sleeves need to hold onto your arms. It is fine if you purchase a size up or down to accomplish this, or if the middle/chest doesn’t even fit you – you won’t be needing it to fit anyway. Men will need to shop in the women’s section, as men’s clothing is typically not designed to be clingy.

Cut off the sleeves.


Measure how long the sleeves are. From there, you are going to measure out the same length on the front of the shirt, then cut out a triangular shape. So for me, because my arms are 17″ long, I measured out 17″ on the fabric, then cut out triangles around it. It is fine if you have a little bit of excess – you can always trim it off later.

Attach the triangle to your sleeve, along the seam (where the sleeve’s fabric attaches to itself to form a tube). Sew.

Along the edge of the triangle, cut a fringe. Then cut off each fringe’s corners.

And now you have winged arms.


You might’ve noticed that my wings have an extra ripple. Originally I was going to attach feathers to this, but I changed my mind partway through and instead attached the feathery fringe. It is far easier to just cut up the triangular fabric instead of adding a new piece.

And there you go. For the price of a shirt that doesn’t even fit, you too can look like you have wings. They are great for keeping your arms warm, and if you wear bracers they don’t even get in the way.


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