Cheap Costume Tutorial: Red Cap

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make a red cap for the redcap template.


Find some red fabric. It needs to be long enough to circle your head.

I strongly recommend using knit or T-shirt jersey (the fabric that shirts are made out of). It is stretchy, so if you fudge the cuts a bit, it will still fit over and cling to your head.

I used leftover satin, which I don’t recommend because it has no give, but it’s super shiny. This cut cost me less than a dollar.


Fold the fabric in half, with the inner/”bad” side facing out. Sew the top and side together, then trim the excess.


Turn the fabric inside out, with the outer/”good” side facing out.


And you’re done. Because I sewed at right angles – a rectangular sack – my hat has cute corners poking out. You can sew your top with a curved/rounded edge if you want it to fit your head better. I also left the fabric long, so I rolled up the hem; unrolled, the sack goes well past my neck.


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