Jericho 2017 Season Schedule

Get out your shiny new planners and prepare to ask the boss for the days off, Jericho’s 2017 season schedule has been posted!

If clicking is too much for you:

January 21st – Tavern night (in Toronto)
February 18th – Tavern night (In Toronto)
April 1st – Day mod (or tavern night)
April 22nd – Day mod (or tavern night)

May 12-14 (Full Moon) Weekend #1
June 2-4 Weekend #2
June 23-25 Weekend #3 (Full Moon)
July 7-9 (Full Moon) Weekend #4
** WARCRY August 4-7 ** (in Kalidor / Edmonton)
August 25-27 Weekend #5
Sept 15-17 Weekend #6
Oct 6-8 (Full Moon) Weekend #7
Oct 27-29 (All Hallows) Weekend #8

Dec 2 Day Mod (Highwinter)

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