2017 Shaper Applications Open

From this post:

We are now opening up applications in Underworld Jericho for the entire 2017 season for :

x1 Lead Shaper
x4 Shapers

These two positions have the highest of priorities in our guild, as plot and immersion is the product we sell as a LARP. There are times when the Shapers may be having more fun than PCs at events, but that comes only after much hard work. This is not an application to be taken lightly, yet it can the most rewarding thing to do at any LARP.

The Lead Shaper and Shaper positions will be given a monetary bonus based on a percentage of profit from Underworld Jericho events they participate in. The more PCs at events, the higher the bonus. We anticipate an average of $200/event for lead, $50/event for shapers, rising based on PC turnout. All five shaper positions will also receive +15 frags on top of the 35 frags frags that each NPC earns per event. This has been reduced from previous seasons due to the additional of monetary bonuses.

Before submitting an application, understand that although these positions are fun and rewarding in many ways, they are also hard work. Here’s a guideline of what we expect:

Lead Shaper – the Lead Shaper is responsible for NPC camp as a whole and you are required at every event. This includes but is not limited to writing and running plotlines including overplot passed down by Jericho ownership, approving plotlines and NPC stats from Shapers, requesting and efficiently utilizing a per-event budget for props costumes and other supplies and all other aspects of running storylines in Jericho. The Lead Shaper will be responsible for all staff in NPC camp and is expected to help train, supervise and support them. Monthly meetings with the Shaper Team and the creation of a plot schedule prior to every event is a requirement. A list of rules will be provided which outline restricted plot themes, magic effects, treasure amounts, etc. Delegation and efficiency is key for this position. For 2017 we are anticipating a change in how plotlines are run – we will focus more on town storylines and “less plot but better plot” coming out of NPC camp – so the Lead Shaper will work with ownership on how best to accomplish this. Customer service skills are very important. You will work with Monster Marshals, the Costume Director, the Safety Marshals, Logistics and all other staff. We prefer that the Lead Shaper remain in NPC camp as much as possible, but there are times when you will need to NPC important roles. There are additional responsibilities that will be discussed in person in detail, but those described above tend to be the most important.

Shaper – Shapers will write storylines with approval by the Lead Shaper, then work with Narrators and NPCs to put them into action. Shapers are expected to follow the Shaper rules and be focused on entertaining the PC population at events. Shapers need to spend a few hours each week preparing for the next event and responding to emails. They are expected to participate in monthly meetings, either online or in person, with the shaper team. You should be creative and quick thinking, know the rulebook and world lore and have a genuine desire to entertain players at events through your storytelling. Creativity counts for only a small portion of this position – maturity, responsibility and efficiency are far more desirable in applicants. You should enjoy being social as you’ll spend most of the event communicating with players and staff members constantly.

Applications for the new “Narrator” position (a role based on running plotlines as opposed to writing them) will be reviewed by the Shaper team, so applications for Narrators will begin after Shaper roles have been filled.

Only those who apply will be considered. There is no hard deadline for these positions as of this posting but we would like these positions filled as soon as possible, so a cut off date will be announced prior to the April 1st event. Please keep applications concise.

Please send applications and questions to comments@larp.ca


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