Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Jewel of Denial

Know, O thou kind Jericho hosts, that in days of yore and in ages long ago, on a night much like this, a great change stirred.

In our tale, the wealthy and influential did plot and scheme. Four armies of Cindus’Thalan converged on each other on what is now The Eternal City, all reaching for power. Before them all stood a great Stranger standing alone in a tent, inviting the leaders inside. The tent was filled with delicious food, drink and song. Suddenly, the Stranger extended his will, vowing no further blood would be shed on this land for a ten years. With no war to fight, the leaders decided to remain, ready to fight at a moment’s notice. Over time, the differences between the nations softened by the hospitality under the tent, and the war never continued again.

My name is Ardeth bey, I am the leader of my tribe and today, we come to offer our renowned hospitality while your guilds, guards, and leaders make council. We of the Nuwebai Tribe have travelled untolded distances through your Skein gates to find goods, stories, adventure and allies. As a gift from a special Stranger among us, (similar to tales of old), we stay our swords and magics. Instead we welcome song and stories, drinks and dancing, games and gambling. We have heard tell that this is a time of rebuilding and rekindling of friendships within Jericho and we come to raise up a great Pavilion to both entertain and entice you. To you we offer drinking, dancing, gambling and trade. Like us, the citizens of Jericho do not live safe lives, and must be constantly aware of potential threats. So, for one night, we offer as a gift of friendship a place where swords will not be needed, but wit and intellect will be as sharp as any blade.

So please, come and share in the hospitality of the Fire Elves of the Newebai Tribe and listen to our tales while you spin your own.

– Ardeth bey, borne of the Sun

Welcome to Underworld Jericho’s second of two off season tavern nights!

As our previous tavern night was all about the high adventure and combat, we promised this next one would focus more on socializing, roleplaying and partying. To that end we’ve rented a cash bar from the legion and they will be providing you with liquid refreshments of the alcoholic variety for the length of our tavern night. Some questions you might have:

Are there any fees for using the bar?

Yes, if you wish to order anything from the bar, including non-alcoholic drinks, you will require a wristband. A wristband costs $5 and entitles you to make purchases from the bar all night. Wristbands will be provided at logistics. We are doing this to offset the additional fee for the bar, especially since we lowered the price of our tavern nights this season. We are making no profit from the wristbands and will most likely need to cover the remaining balance ourselves. If you don’t use the bar there is no additional fee for you. Obviously one must also be of legal drinking age as well.

What are the bar prices?

We were quoted $3.75 for domestic and rail liquor. $4.50 for premium beers and coolers. Very cheap and the same as their bar downstairs. I’m unsure of prices for non-alcoholic drinks.

Is there going to be any combat?

No, none whatsoever. You can leave your weapons and armour behind if you like. Feel free to wear costume you might not normally wear because it doesn’t suit adventuring. There will be an in-game explanation for the lack of combat.

Will there be a logistics?

Yes, you must prelog as usual. You are welcome to use production skills and receive your usual tags and coin. Blankets will be applied post-event for PCs as normal, and frags to NPCs. All NPC roles will be non-combat.

I’m not interested in politics, what will be going on that I might enjoy?

We will have music (that you can dance to), gambling games (including poker) and traders in a dedicated party room. Our second room will be darker and quiet for private conversations, business deals and politics. You can expect roleplay focused plotlines and the potential to make important contacts by the end of the night.

If a social event such as this receives positive reviews, we’ll consider running them more often.


See you in two weeks!


Saturday February 18th

6pm – Doors open for Logistics
7pm – Announcements, game begins
11:30pm – Game is called, cleanup begins
12:00am midnight – Rooms must be vacated (but you’re welcome to visit the bar downstairs!)


$25 if you prelog and pay online prior to the event
$30 if you prelog and pay at the event
$35 if you don’t prelog and pay at the event

Blankets offered: 1


Legion Hall Branch 345, at 81 Peard Rd, Toronto. Just north of St. Clair on Victoria Park.


From Victoria Park subway station, take the 24 north bus to St. Clair. From the southeast corner, cross to the northwest and walk north up Victoria Park to the Legion hall.

Map: http://goo.gl/maps/b5Jmn
Prelog post here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=17281
Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1793028884353459/


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