Miriam Fellswater – Crimes and Punishments

By decree of Judge Marshall, The Human known as Miriam Fellswater will no longer be protected by the laws of Berphaunt, in Jericho. Miriam Fellswater Is still required to abide by the laws of Berphaunt, however. By order of Judge Marshall, the details of this decision are listed below.

Miriam, in 2258 was arrested for Murder of his camp mate and perjury, for trying to cover up the crime, including uttering threats to other camp mates in order to secure their compliance. Miriam was one of two people charged and executed for these crimes.

Later in 2258, Miriam was arrested and tried for the murder of a wild animal fight organizer. Miriam used his toxic blood to render two people incapacitated and then killed them both. Fortunately, the young woman remembered her death and was able to provide testimony that implicated Miriam. After questioning, Miriam admitted to the crime. Both Former Council Elara and Former Council Greensbane heard the evidence and agreed that Miriam was guilty of the crimes. No sentence was issued, at that time, as more pressing matters were unfolding.

In 2258, Miriam made a pact with a Demon to provide him with an infernal power. This is what the red veins in his arm represent. Based on our understanding, the pact is limited to Miriam and Miriam alone. However, Miriam has attempted to convince others to make pacts with the same Demonic entity, in order to further increase his own power. This attempt to convince others results in a charge of public endangerment.

As of 2259, Judge Marshall has decided that, as a result of the above items, Miriam is no longer to be protected by the laws of Berphaunt, in Jericho. However, as every other sentient being, Miriam is still required to abide by the laws of Berphaunt.

This is effective as of March 23, 2259, until further notice.

Magistrate Greggor Cassian, Archmagus of the Jericho Mage’s Guild and Apprentice to Archmagus Aislin Ciara of the Skein Dominion.

Original post here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=17361


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